Laidback Beach Elopement Inspiration in Galveston, Texas

Laidback Beach Elopement Inspiration in Galveston, Texas

Galveston Island is a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast in the United States, about 50 miles southeast of Houston. This Galveston elopement is laidback, romantic, and perfect for couples who are looking to plan something intimate for just the two of them.

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 About This Styled Inspiration in Galveston

Photography by Degrees North Images

“For this inspiration shoot, I wanted to incorporate cozy accommodations and a beach setting since Galveston is a major beach tourism location. The couple got ready at a historic bed and breakfast, the Carr Mansion, that was a survivor of The Great Storm in 1900. Ashley’s gown is from a local Houston wedding gown designer, Renegade Bridal, who has an upcoming elopement line called Wanderwilde, of which this dress a part.

All the Pretty Things created a gorgeous floral arrangement to serve as the ceremony backdrop. We wanted something that would really pop off the sand and ocean backdrop. We also wanted it to still feel tropical, but wild and boho too. After some time on the beach we headed to island favorite restaurant, BLVD. Seafood, for a casual upscale meal. Reservations are recommended, especially for dinner and weekend meals. All of the food is beautifully presented and delicious. The traditional bread pudding was a sweet cap to a savory dinner! After our meal, we walked headed back to the beach to catch the sunset.” [Dawn, the photographer]

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Permit and LNT for Your Galveston Elopement

“Generally speaking, most beach locations in Galveston do not require a permit. Couples are welcome to set up their ceremony decor, and even chairs if they’ll be having some guests, and perform their ceremony. However, while a permit may not be required, you may not rope off any area or restrict public access to the beach, or use a loud speaker. Those instances would require permission which can be obtained through Galveston’s Special Events Coordinator. 

LNT principles are very important at our beaches. One of the most important is being mindful of staying on designated beach access trails or dune walkovers. Our dunes are very important in mitigating hurricane damage to the island. Dunes are also home to a lot of wildlife, some of which is dangerous to humans and pets such as venomous snakes, scorpions and crabs. ” [Dawn, the photographer]

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Here are some LNT principles to keep in mind:

  • Come prepared with trash bags or buckets so you can pack out all your trash, food and decor.
  • If you’ll be bringing a pet, make sure to have poopy bags to pack out their waste.
  • Set up any decor, furniture, tents, etc on open sand well above the waterline. Setting up well above the line where you see wet sand can ensure your ceremony decor won’t accidentally end up drenched and dragged out to sea, and also keeps you and your guests safe.
  • Don’t take any vegetation or sand. Be sure to knock down any sandcastles you build and fill in holes you dug before leaving the beach. This is important at all times of the year, but especially so during sea turtle nesting season from April through July.
  • Open bonfires are not allowed on any Galveston beach. If you want to have a fire, you must use a contained fire pit, barbecue pit or chiminea. 
  • Observe wildlife from a distance. Beware of snakes, especially near dunes and areas with heavy vegetation. Do not feed wildlife. 
  • The Texas coast is home to five species of sea turtles, all of which are listed as threatened or endangered. If you come upon a nest, stay 60ft away and call 1-866-TURTLE-5 to report the current condition so the appropriate responder can be sent to your location.
  • If you come upon a stranded marine mammal (deceased or alive) do not touch it and call the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network at 1-800-9MAMMAL immediately with your location and the condition of the animal. 

Top Tips for Eloping in Texas

“Opt for an early spring or late fall date. You’ll still get a great beach day without the oppressive Texas summer heat and humidity. If you have to choose a summer date, plan for a sunrise or sunset ceremony. Midday hours are too hot and potentially unsafe for people with certain health conditions.

Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and plenty of fluids.

Be prepared for wind. It can work with you and against you. Long flowing fabrics look great in wind. Choosing a hairstyle you won’t be fighting against can be more difficult. Don’t feel like having long hair requires an up do (it can look so naturally beautiful in the wind), but consider your options so you can feel confident.

Avoid the traditional holiday weekends as well our local events such as Mardi Gras and the Lone Star Rally which bring heavy beach traffic and can make lodging costs more expensive.

Consider adding pops of color to your look palette so you stand out in your photos. Dresses and suits with color or a pattern look great at the beach.” [Dawn, the photographer]

Estimated Cost of This Elopement

“For hair and makeup for the bride and groom, attire, flowers, dinner and 7 hours of photography plan to spend about $5500. I recommend budgeting a minimum of $200+/night for reputable lodging, but if you can splurge because it’s a special time $325+/night.” [Dawn, the photographer]


Photography | Degrees North Images 

Getting Ready Location | Carr Mansion 

Hair and Makeup | AK Styles Hair and Makeup 

Gown | Renegade Bridal 

Floral Design | All the Pretty Things HTX 

Couple | Ashley and Marino @ashreneeshriver and @marino.arce

Photos From This Styled Session

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