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Flothemes: Creative Websites for Photographers

Why You Should Update Your Website

Flothemes are amazing website templates that allow wedding vendors, such as photographers and videographers, to build unique and custom websites for their business. Even though Flothemes are based on WordPress, the dashboard is easy to use. Anyone can create a good looking website, with zero coding skills. You can also easily edit these website templates to reflect your company’s goals.

During downtime, it’s important for creative professionals to reevaluate their online presence, as many users spend these days online, looking for inspiration and possible vendors. By reevaluate, we mean improving your website design, your SEO, your client communication, and all those other areas that you’ve always wanted to strengthen, yet never had the proper time for. Now is the time to do so! Let’s start with website design since it’s the first thing a user notices when accessing your site.
Here are 5 reasons why we think Flothemes can be a great investment for your business growth.


Web Design Trends are Always Changing

Much like SEO and social media, web design trends are constantly changing and evolving.

According to Business 2 Community, it’s recommended to redesign your website every 2 years to stay relevant and ahead of competitors. Of course, deciding whether your photography website needs a redesign depends on various factors, including your company goals. Yet, giving your website a facelift every couple of years is definitely a smart idea.

If you’re not sure which website design provider to go with, Flothemes is one you need to be looking at. We like Flothemes and the convenience these themes provide for creative companies within our elopement industry. Not only are these designs created specifically for photographers and active travelers, but these designs are also easy to use!


Perfect for All Wedding Vendors

Screenshot of Ashley Smith’s Photography Website

The beauty of working in this industry is that each vendor has a different style. Each business also caters to a specific market. Wandering Weddings, for example, is a resource providing couples with inspiration and vendor recommendations, to help them organize the perfect elopement day.
Similarly, Flothemes understands the importance and need to differentiate yourself on the market and create a website that serves your purpose and client base. Hence, they have a large variety of designs available inside their shop, meant to work for all types of creative businesses, from photographers and videographers to florists, event planners, and makeup artists. If you’re not sure which design is best for you, you can check out this quick Flotheme guide they’ve prepared to help you narrow down your choice. 

Ashley Smith gives us a first-hand look at how easy it is to design her website using Flothemes.

“I spent a LOT of time on my branding and building a purpose behind my business. I loved that I could incorporate that so flawlessly into my website and create a site that looks like me, sounds like me, and best of all, I could do it all myself.” [Ashley] 


Multiple Premade Layouts to Match Your Growing Business

Each theme created by Flothemes comes prepacked with multiple pre-designed page layouts and block templates. You have multiple alternatives for your homepage, about page, blog listing, portfolio showcase, and more. Thus, you can get a quick start, and launch a new website in a matter of days. Use the predefined layouts, add your own content, and you’re done! It’s quick and easy.
Despite providing premade layouts, you can also personalize everything inside the template, from colors and fonts to page sections and element placement. The team at Flothemes understands the importance of self-expression for photographers and other creative vendors and provides that extra design flexibility with their website.
Here’s are a few examples, to show you their themes in action, all built by their clients. 


No Coding Skills Required

A winning aspect we love about Flothemes is the convenience and simplicity of using it. They are aware you want to spend your time documenting elopements with gorgeous mountain views in the background, rather than sit in front of a computer for days, trying to figure out how to design your website.
Hence, all their themes come with a drag and drop page builder, and a visual design editor, called FlexBlock, to help you personalize everything on your site, on your own. You don’t need to know how to code, plus you have access to their articles with documentation and video tutorials, that guide you each step of the way. 
FlexBlock is free for all Flothemes clients. It also comes integrated with the new Flexthemes. Here’s what people who used Flex, say about their experience.

Ashley tells us it wasn’t difficult to customize her website, and she didn’t feel overwhelmed during the process.

I used a Flex Theme which allowed me to completely customize everything from layout to fonts to graphics. It was so easy to tweak and match to my branding. I loved the flexibility it gave me to create something that was completely my own and that could stand out from the crowd!” [Ashley]


Full Control Over Your Mobile Website

Screenshot of Ashley Smith’s Photography Website

With so much competition for elopement vendors out there, you need a website template that will help you stand out from all the other brands suggested by Google in search results. Not to mention, 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, your site needs to make a strong impression when accessed via a phone or tablet.
Flothemes keeps this in mind by allowing you maximum control over your site’s look on mobile. The Flex editor has a separate view for mobile and desktop and enables you to adjust and tweak elements inside. You can make images larger, videos wider, fonts bigger, hide certain page blocks, or show something specific only to mobile users. The steering wheel is in your hands. 
Don’t forget that Flothemes are built on WordPress, which means your site would be designed on the most SEO-friendly platform. You can work on your keywords, speed optimization, blogging, to increase your chances of getting found online. 


Inspired to take the leap and revamp your photography website? Check out Flotheme’s latest designs and grab one with a sweet discount code. They’re currently offering all their themes at a reduced price, to help support creative professionals who want to use the downtime to work on their website and strengthen their business. 

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