Fall Elopement in Cloudland Canyon

Fall Elopement in Cloudland Canyon

This foggy fall elopement in Cloudland Canyon looks like a fairytale. The colors and fog make this elopement so dreamy, and we’re sure you’ll want to plan your elopement in Georgia after checking out this elopement story. The good news is, we have everything you need to start planning your own elopement ceremony here.

Check out the details from this fall elopement in Cloudland Canyon or team up with one of our members to start planning your elopement.

Photography by Authentic Collective 

Details From This Elopement

A big, traditional wedding never resonated with Zoe and Austin. What they really wanted was to have their ceremony somewhere beautiful with their families present. Their families traveled from two different states just to see this romantic fall elopement in Cloudland Canyon.

This elopement started in the park at sunrise for their first look. We love how the canyon was filled with fog, covering the valley like a huge blanket. This elopement easily shows us how Cloudland Canyon got its name.

After their first look, they walked to the main overlook, where their closest friends and family were waiting for them.

“Surrounded by the gorgeous weather we had at the canyon and such a beautiful group of people that love and care about us, and realizing that this is it! All of our planning for this moment, where we get to become husband and wife, was finally happening and was even better than we imagined it could be. It was very surreal.” [The couple]

Planning a Fall Elopement in Cloudland Canyon

It’s pretty easy to see why Cloudland Canyon is one of the most popular places to elope in Georgia. We love this location not only because how gorgeous it is, but it’s perfect for elopements with just the two of you or with your family too.

Savannah and Greg from Authentic Collective highly recommend planning your wedding ceremony during the weekday, since this park is such a popular destination. Another helpful tip while planning your elopement here is to contact a park ranger and notify them of your plans. You’ll also want to purchase any necessary permits and make sure you’re following the area’s regulations.

October to early November is the best time to elope at Cloudland, according to these photographers. We can easily see why from this elopement. The fall foliage alone will make your elopement portraits dreamy and so romantic. It’s also one of the driest months of the year, so you’re less likely to get rained on. However, if there’s not a lot of rain, then the waterfall can dry up, so always check the weather when planning.

“Our top advice to anyone planning an elopement is to think about what’s really important to you and plan your day around that. Are there activities you want to do on your wedding day such as watching the sunrise, going hiking to a waterfall, etc? The other thing we’d recommend is accepting the things you can’t change and simply embracing every moment because it goes by quickly. Take time to soak it all in, don’t rush it.” [Savannah and Greg]

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Making Your Wedding Day Intentional

A lot of couples who decide to elope want to know how to make their wedding day more intentional without including the typical traditional elements that come with a bigger wedding. Zoe and Austin explained they wanted to keep their wedding simple and even a little untraditional. While they kept the ceremony short and sweet, they also incorporated a couple of readings and elements that resonated with them.

“A lot of our wedding was DIY, which made it even more special. My grandmother and I spent an afternoon handmaking the wedding announcements that we sent out. We all made my bouquet together. My bouquet was wrapped with fabric from a pair of jeans of my grandfather who passed away in 2016. It was a subtle but special way I wanted to include him.” [Zoe]

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What Do You Value On Your Wedding Day?

Thinking about what’s important to you on your wedding day is the most important thing to think about when considering if you want to elope.

“They knew what they valued and created an intentional elopement around that. Instead of following what you’re ‘supposed’ to do on your wedding day, they thought about what was important to them, saying their vows to each other in a beautiful place surrounded by nature, and did exactly that.” [Savannah and Greg]

Zoe and Austin planned a Fall elopement in Cloudland Canyon and then climbed over rocks through the water to get some epic waterfall portraits. They included their family and friends while still keeping things relaxed and worry-free.

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Photographer | Authentic Collective 
Venue | Cloudland Canyon
Bridal Store | Ventura’s Bridal
Dress Designer | Mori Lee
Suit Designer | Paisley & Gray
Shoes | Kodiak Boots
Veil | Davie & Chiyo
Earrings | Olive & Piper
Officiant | Mark Hunnicutt
Jacket | DL Creations

Photos From This Fall Elopement in Cloudland Canyon

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