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Engagement Inspiration: Issue 2

If you are recently engaged, you are probably here because you need ideas for your big engagement session, correct? Every week, we gather up amazing portraits from photographers to inspire couples like you.

Thank you to all the amazing photographers who shared their work with us over at our Facebook community. We love your adventurous spirit, and we are truly inspired by the work you do!

winter engagement session inspiration

Photo by Trevor & Elisebeth

“Minnesota winters are unpredictable, bitter, and brutal. However, that didn’t stop Jalen and Luke from scheduling their engagement session photos outside! We embraced the below zero temperatures and headed to Hewing Hotel’s rooftop for the unbelievable view of the skyline of Minneapolis as our background. They were so cuddly and fun in front of the camera as they tried to stay warm!” [Elisebeth]

engagement inspiration photography

Photo by SkyBluePhotography

“This sunrise mountain adventure session is giving us all kinds of cozy winter vibes.” [Sky]

Inspiration for engagement sessions.

Photo by Sarah and Brent Perkins

 “The mountains blow me away every single time. I couldn’t stop snapping. I probably took a few thousand photos as we chased the sun off a cliff. We saw deers, we climbed great heights, they jumped in an icy lake all for the shot and the love of photography. My little hippie heart was so happy there.” [Sarah]

Couple session inspiration.

Photo by Ranucci Photography

“For this photo, we trekked up a massive sandhill in Malibu. Although this shot does not showcase how high up we were, or the awesome scenery, the steepness of the hill allowed me to capture their faces from this angle while keeping their whole body in the photo.” [Rachel Ranucci]

holiday couple session inspiration.

Photo by Naomi Dorotheea

“When it comes to this engagement session, my words are not enough. I always focus way more on how the couple feels during the session, I focus on letting them be themselves, more than I focus on the pictures. And with them, building this client experience was OH SO easy!!” [Naomi]

engagement inspiration session.

Photo by Lyndsie Lord

“This was one of those sessions that, as a photographer, you leave feeling rejuvenated. Where they were just as excited about having their photos done as you were about taking them. It was a team effort between the couple and the photographer, and that’s what made this session so amazing. We kept bouncing ideas off each other and laughing until our abs hurt. We all didn’t want the session to end, but we ran out of sunlight and desperately needed pizza. In Erika’s words, ‘it’s hard work being a model’.” [Lyndsie]

couple inspiration for elopements in the rain.

Photo by Leah Flores

“I did a little road trip with the couple from Portland to Smith Rock State Park for their engagement session. The images were stunning, and we had an amazing session. However, our favorite image was taken on the ride home. The sky started DUMPING rain while we were driving through Mt. Hood National Forest. I asked the couple if they would mind pulling over at the next exit because I had an idea. We ran out of the car at Trillium Lake, and they ran to a rock while I clicked away. I’m so happy this already adventurous engagement session took a step further into the rain!” [Leah]

moody engagement photography inspiration.

Photo by Kara Cheek

“Living in Oklahoma, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places to photograph.  It has a great mix of scenery and some very unique locations.  This cloudy day turned sunny at the perfect time and produced some amazing natural lighting.” [Kara]

Romantic couple portraits.

Photo by Jaime Pryor

“This session was an absolute DREAM! I adore how Erin and Iegor’s love is so apparent in these photos!” [Jaime]

intimate couple session.

Photo by Carissa Cannizzaro

“The Great Sand Dunes is one of the most incredible places I have ever shot at, but this is not an easy place for photos! We hiked up to the spot for the shoot, and by the time we reached it, we were seriously about to pass out. On top of the exhaustion, the wind at the Sand Dunes is insane and feels like tiny sand needles are stabbing you constantly. These two were such troopers though, and it was worth it in the end. We had a blast running around in the golden hour light, and got some of the most amazing pictures that truly capture what an adventurous couple Andrea and Josh are.” [Carissa]

waterfall engagement session inspiration.

Photo by Brooke Womack Photography

“We were supposed to have their session when I was in Greenville last month, and unfortunately, we had to reschedule. This past Sunday, we finally got to shoot, and it was PERFECT! These two cuties are so sweet, and I just love them so!” [Brooke]

engagement session dancing couple.

Photo by Brittany Haslem

“For Lucas and Tiffany’s engagement session, we explored a park new to us all. It was nice to wander around and take things as they came without much of a plan. We watched the colors in the sky change by the minute and chased the light until there wasn’t much left.” [Brittany]

couple in the field for session.

Photo by Autumn Agrella

“We were driving up to the lake, when I saw this spot on the side of the road with amazing light and a beautiful view. My couple had full trust in me, and we ended up shooting all of golden hour right here!” [Autumn]

rainy engagement session.

Photo by Amber Rought 

“As I was driving to Becky and Mark’s engagement session, it started to downpour. They were all on board with shooting in the pouring rain and wanted to make the best out of it. We danced around, got soaking wet, and still had the time of our lives. Their adventurous spirits helped me to create some of my favorite images I’ve ever taken.” [Amber]

cowboy couple inspiration.

Photo by Amber Renee Breuker

“This amazing engagement session was shot in the badlands in Medora, North Dakota. We were surrounded by wildhorses in the summer setting sun! The bride brought this beautiful rustic blanket to cuddle her and her cowboy sweetheart in!” [Amber]

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