Snowy Engagement Session at Hatcher Pass Lodge

Snowy Engagement Session at Hatcher Pass Lodge

The best way to plan your engagement session is to plan something that reflects 100% who you are as a couple. This engagement session at Hatcher Pass Lodge in beautiful Alaska is a great example of how you don’t need to go full glam during your engagement photos. Sometimes wearing something cozy, snuggling up close, and playing in the snow is the way to go.

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Photography by The Hitched Hiker

Details From This Engagement

Anais and Brandon had their engagement session in Alaska at the Hatcher Pass Lodge! Instead of planning an extravagant adventure, these two shared hot cocoa and made snow angels in 10-15 degree weather!

Alexa, the photographer from The Hitched Hiker, tells us these two barely needed any direction during their engagement session. They were both laughing and ready to cuddle up the second they started.

“They will be getting married in Florida, so they wanted a contrasting winter engagement session which I think is so important! I always recommend doing the opposite season of your wedding so you get the best of both worlds!” [Alexa, the photographer]

The best part about this engagement session at Hatcher Pass Lodge is how there was no rush, no poses, and just two people in love sharing hot chocolate together.

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Planning Your Engagement Photos At Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass is a pretty popular spot to elope in Alaska, but it’s also a great place to plan your engagement session too. This area is gorgeous, mountainous, and has the famous red A-frame cabins, perfect for photo ops.

“When scheduling an engagement session at Hatcher Pass lodge either in winter or summer, it’s important to look up the weather and road conditions! In winter, it’s a heavy avalanche warning area as it’s an alpine ski resort. In summer, sometimes the road is closed for fallen rocks, etc! What is really cool about this location is there is a 24/7 live weather cam to monitor what it looks like up there! This area is known for HEAVY rainfall in the summer, but that doesn’t stop most of my clients from dancing in the rain during their sessions!” [Alexa, the photographer]

For winter engagement sessions, Alexa shares the importance of scheduling time to warm up in the car, bringing extra hand warmers, and bringing large jackets to take on and off between walking to the next spot during your adventure. Remember to bring sturdy boots to walk through mud, snow, and rain puddles in; and even prepare to bring bug spray, umbrellas, bear spray, and extra socks! You never really know what could happen during your Alaska adventure.

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Casual or Dressy Engagement Session? Which Should You Pick?

When planning your engagement photos, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do and what you’re going to wear, just like when you plan your elopement.

So why would you want to choose a more casual engagement experience? Alexa tells us a great reason why.

“Casual engagement sessions are so much fun because your wedding day will be a huge fancy production and it is nice to have a contracting adventure/hiking/coffee date to show how you are on a daily basis. To remember this sweet time in your lives just as you are! You can always bring a change of outfits to do a more dressy look first and then change into a casual outfit!” [Alexa, the photographer]

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Camera Shy? Photographer Top Tip

Even though Anais and Brandon were not camera shy during their engagement session at Hatcher Pass Lodge, a lot of couples do get camera shy.

“When a couple is shy, I really have them focus on each other instead of me! I ask them to just look at one another, hold each other and dance, make shapes on each other’s cheeks with their noses and guess what they are drawing, run around back and forth, etc! Lots of prompts and not posing! When you lose someone they get nervous and ask, ‘what do i do with my hands? Do I smile? Where do I look?’. And when you give them a prompt like ‘run away from me as fast as you can’ they focus on that and not their body!” [Alexa, the photographer]

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