20 Engagement Photo Poses for Every Adventure Couple

Congrats you two love birds, you’re finally engaged! What better way to celebrate your engagement than to plan an engagement photoshoot? But are you feeling overwhelmed with what engagement photo poses to consider?

We have featured so many different engagement sessions, and we thought it would be super helpful to round up our favorite engagement photo poses for couples just like you. 

These poses are perfect for couples who love to go on adventures together, or who are planning on visiting a gorgeous engagement location.

Before we jump into some of our favorite poses, check out our top tips!

Engagement Photo Tips

  1. Don’t stress. Seriously, we can’t stress this point enough. So many couples tell us they are terrified of looking silly in their engagement photos because they aren’t “models”. Newsflash! All you need for a successful engagement photoshoot is to be you and a whole lot of love.
  2. Incorporate your surroundings. When you’re thinking about what you should do during your engagement session, just use what’s around you. Are you at a beach? Splash some water on each other! Are you taking your photos at an epic sand dune? Try rolling in the sand together! If you’re not sure what to do, then make sure to incorporate your engagement outfit
  3. Trust your photographer. Your photographer is experienced to make you feel at ease during your engagement photos. We love our members here at Wandering Weddings because they always share amazing photos from engagement sessions, like the ones below. Your photographer will give you awesome cues and suggestions during your session. If you already have an idea of poses you’re loving, then share some inspirational pictures with them!

20 Go To Engagement Photo Poses

The Walk and Bump

We know this pose sounds strange, but take our word on this one. All you want to do is walk side by side and bump hips together. Another trick is walking side to side together. Creating movement is a major plus for natural photos. It may feel a little silly but, we guarantee you’ll be laughing.

Sitting Side by Side

Engagement poses do not have to be complicated or posed to look beautiful. Honestly, a lot of these couple poses we mention feature couples just being in the moment together. If you don’t know where to start, then sit side by side, cuddle up close, and just enjoy it.

“Pick Me Up!”

We love it when couples pick each other up, literally! When all else fails, go for piggyback rides, or just throw yourself at your partner and see what happens (with enough warning, of course)!

The Activity Engagement Pose

Sometimes the best engagement pose we can recommend, especially for adventure couples like yourself, is to do something you love. Plan an activity where your photographer can have plenty of opportunities to capture raw and unposed moments between you two.

Photo by Photo by Megan Rei Photography

The Classic Kiss Me Pose

You can’t go wrong with a kiss. Lean in and pucker up because this pose will always be a winner for your engagement photoshoot together.

Nose Kisses

If you’re looking for a “different” type of kiss, then nose kiss each other. Yup, you heard right. It may feel a little funny, but trust us you’ll thank us later.

Serious Poses

If you want some engagement photos that are more serious and artsy, then the classic, standing side by side is a great pose to consider. Just look opposite directions and take a deep breath to relax.

Don’t be Afraid to get a Little Wet

Alright, we can’t tell you how excited photographers get when couples tell them they don’t mind getting dirty or wet. Sometimes it rains during your engagement photoshoot, or sometimes, your photographer has a really epic idea. Whatever the case is, don’t be afraid to get a little wet.

Whisper in Each Other’s Ear

Listen up closely, the best advice we ever heard was to whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ear during photos. Not only does this break the ice, but this also makes for great photo opportunities. Are you not sure what to whisper to each other? Try whispering your favorite fruit or vegetable using your sexiest voice.

Cuddle Up Close

Cuddling is probably one of the best engagement poses we know. The whole point of your engagement session is to celebrate your love together. What better way than to snuggle up close? Some great ideas to incorporate are hammocks, blankets, or just using each other.

Smile and Laugh Together

This goes without say, but so many couples forget to just relax and enjoy each other’s company during their engagement photos. A great go-to pose to consider is just getting close and making each other laugh!

Sit Across and Get Real Close

Do you see a running theme in our favorite engagement photo poses? The trick to getting epic engagement photos is to get real close and personal in different, fun ways. We love it when couples sit across from each other and touch foreheads like these two below.

Enjoy the View Together

Sometimes couples forget to just enjoy the view together, especially if you’re taking your engagement photos at an epic place. A great pose that is both effortless and artsy is to just enjoy the view.

Plan a Sunset/Sunrise Photo Shoot and Look go Stargazing

If you’re looking for unique engagement poses, then we suggest going stargazing together. This can give your photographer plenty of chances to take some epic photos of you both enjoying the beauty above and around you.

Photo by Meagan Lawler

Detail Shots

When thinking about what poses you can do during your photo shoot, don’t forget the detail shots. Trust us, detail photos are probably one of our favorite go-to poses. You’ll be able to appreciate your gorgeous engagement ring and focus on little details such as your hands, eyes, etc.

The Notebook Pose

Do you remember that famous kissing scene in the movie, The Notebook? Recreate it! It doesn’t matter if it’s not raining, but we say totally recreate your favorite, cheesy romance scene.

Dance Together

This is one of our favorites because it gives your engagement photos personality and lots of movement. Break it down with each other, or have a romantic dance in the middle of your photoshoot.

The Airplane

When in doubt, do the airplane. We love this engagement pose. Have your partner stand behind you and outstretch both of your arms. This makes for a romantic and fun experience together.

Stop to Look Back While Walking

Another great engagement pose is to walk away from your photographer, stop, and look back. Your partner can spontaneously kiss you, or you both can just look back.

The Hiking Pose

If you’re here, then we can assume you both are adventurers. The best engagement photo poses we can recommend will be the ones that come naturally to you both. With that said, go hiking together, and your photographer will love documenting your adventure together.

Photo by Wild Embrace


Which engagement pose are you loving the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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