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Engagement Photo Dresses: Our Top Picks This Year

Engagement photos are something a lot of couples plan for to celebrate their new relationship status and to send off those announcements! Planning engagement photos is also a great way to get to know your photographer, start getting comfortable with getting your pictures taken, and figure out your “wedding” style together. Whether you’re planning an elopement or a backyard micro wedding, these engagement photo dresses are perfect for you to consider.

We are not only pros at all things elopements, but we are also pros at adventure engagement sessions too. The engagement photo dress options we’re going to mention will be perfect for outdoor engagement photos, especially if you decide to explore one of our best places to elope. We’ll break down engagement dresses for each season, and we’ll even drop some of our top tips when shopping after our featured favorites.

Our team only recommends the best products and stores we see our Wandering Weddings couples shop at. We may receive a small commission on purchases made from this blog, but we are confident you’ll find something you love.

Engagement Photo Dresses For Every Season and Budget

White Engagement Dress Top Pick: BHLDN Sanders Dress

Fame and Partners Chelsey Dress

BHLDN is one of our favorite shops to find not only your perfect elopement dress but your picture-perfect engagement dress too. The site has a wide variety of white dresses to pick from if you’re looking for the ultimate bridal look with your partner. From different dress lengths, materials, and price ranges, BHLDN is a great place to start your search.

Our top tip is to buy a dress you feel comfortable in. If you opt for a slimming fit like the one above, get one with a slit so you can have more movement during your photo session.

Shop at BHLDN

Black Engagement Dress Top Pick: Flutter Dress Star Black Dress

You can 100% rock an epic black dress for your engagement. Black dresses look especially amazing in desert areas like Joshua Tree! You can either opt for a traditional silk black dress number, or you can wear something completely different with lace and other cool embellishments!

Shop at Flutter Dresses

Long, Flowy Dress Top Pick: BHLDN Mac Duggal Indy Chiffon Dress
Mac Duggal Indy Chiffon Dress

Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you, they LOVE flowy dresses. Long, flowy dresses definitely carry a romance with them, especially taking pictures outdoors. Besides being super comfy (a major plus), they look amazing when the wind picks up, giving you the perfect shot every time.

Shop at BHLDN

Beach Engagement Photo Dress Top Pick: Duchess Ivory Lace Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress

If you’re planning to take your engagement photos on the beach, then you’ll probably want to wear a light dress, so you can run through the sand and splash water together. A lacey white dress is perfect for those who want texture and romance for their beach engagement session.

Shop at Lulus

Short Engagement Dress Top Pick: BHLDN Selkie Puff Mini DressSelkie Puff Mini Dress

Short engagement dresses are perfect for summer and spring engagement photos. Short dresses are also great for playful photos together, or if you’re trying to go for a completely different look from your wedding day look. Remember, your engagement photos are the perfect opportunity to have fun and forget about tradition (we would also argue the same for your wedding day too)!

Shop at BHLDN

Boho Engagement Dress Top Pick: We Are Reclamation The Spread Your Wings Gown

Speaking of lace. Lace is another fan favorite here at Wandering Weddings. If you’re looking for all things boho, then definitely We Wear Reclamation is your top pick to shop at. You don’t have to pick a white boho option either. Their shop tends to have multiple lacey beauties to pick from.

Shop at We Wear Reclamation

Engagement Photo Dress For Summer Top Pick: Lulus Bloom With a View White Floral Print Two-Piece Maxi Dress

Summer calls for fun patterns and fun dresses in general! Don’t be afraid to opt for a shorter dress, a two-piece dress, or something completely backless. This is especially true if you’re planning your engagement photos somewhere tropical like Hawaii or a secluded beach in Florida.

Shop at Lulus

Engagement Photo Dresses For Spring Top Pick: BHLDN Selkie Ritz Midi DressSelkie Ritz Midi Dress

Spring is such a gorgeous time to plan your engagement photos. Flowers are starting to bloom, the weather is warming up, and the season just screams romance! Pair this perfect season with a romantic look in light-colored hues to match the mood.

Shop at BHLDN 

Engagement Photo Dresses For Fall: Lulus My Whole Heart Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

As the leaves start to change and the weather cools down, a dark-colored dress option with some long sleeves will pair beautifully for your engagement photos. We love wearing warmer tones during the fall because it brings out your surroundings.

Shop at Lulus

Engagement Photo Dress For Winter Top Pick: Jacinda Velvet Wrap Maxi Dress

Winter engagement photos can be tricky when you want to wear a dress. You obviously don’t want to freeze, but you’ll do just about anything for the ‘gram (are we right?). A great tip from our team is to opt for a velvet long sleeve dress you can easily layer if you’re taking your photos somewhere it snows. You can also pair your dress with a gorgeous jacket, or bring a blanket to warm up with your partner in-between photos.

Shop at Lulus

Our Top Tips When Shopping For Your Engagement Photo Dress

There are so many different places you can find a gorgeous dress for your engagement photos. We narrowed it down to some of our favorite options we see a lot of our couples shop at for their adventure sessions together. When shopping, especially online, remember:

  • Read the reviews and double-check the return and exchange policy if the dress you picked doesn’t fit right.
  • Consider what your partner is wearing.
  • Remember to honor your personal style instead of trying to buy something “trendy”
  • Buy something you love and feel comfortable in.

Do I Have to Wear a Dress for My Engagement Photos?

Nope! The most important thing to remember when looking for your perfect engagement outfit is to wear something you feel comfortable in and represents who you are. If you feel comfortable in shorts or slacks, then go for it! Just like elopements, there are no rules and restrictions when it comes to what you should wear for your engagements photos together.

Check out our Gender Neutral Formal Wear to get more inspiration.

Am I Supposed to Wear White for my Engagement Photos?

Nope! There’s no rule you should wear white for engagement photos. If you love a white dress or a white outfit, then feel free to rock that. If, however, you’re really wanting to wear an engagement dress with a pop of color or patterns, then wear that! Even on your wedding day, you don’t have to wear a white wedding dress if you don’t want to! Remember, this is your special day!

What Should I Keep in Mind When Shopping for My Engagement Dress?

You’ll want to think about these three things: season, comfort, and location. If it’s winter, then you may not want to wear something you’ll be cold in. Similarly, you don’t want to wear an engagement outfit you feel uncomfortable in or that doesn’t match your location.

Already know what you’re wearing? Check out these fun go-to poses for your engagement photos!

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