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Engagement Inspiration: Issue 1

We are Proud to Present our New Weekly Engagement Inspiration Issue

We have transformed our weekly spotlight issue into two different categories.  Now, we will publish blogs focused on elopement and engagement inspiration. 

If you are recently engaged, you are probably here because you need ideas for your big engagement session, correct? Every week, we gather up amazing portraits from photographers to inspire couples like you.

Thank you to all the amazing photographers who shared their work with us over at our Facebook community. We love your adventurous spirit, and we are truly inspired by the work you do!

boho engagement session in the woods.

Here’s the perfect inspiration for the wild-hearted and adventurous couple.

Photo by Maddie Mellott

“The inspiration for this shoot was to focus on Amanda and Jeremy’s love. Their connection was so pure, and their free-spirited and boho personality just radiated. The smog was a bonus that made the shoot even more chilling.” [Maddie]

engagement inspiration photography with denim.

Forget about everyone else around you when you are in the midst of your engagement session.

Photo by Brooke Womack Photography

“These two babes are such sweeties, and we had so much fun running around the mountain even though there were flocks of people there.” [Brooke]

engagement inspiration photography.

If you’re looking for unique engagement inspiration ideas, adding some flowers in your hair may do the trick!

Photo by Basically Emily

“Tonight was ridiculously amazing. I am going to overload my Instagram with photos forever.” [Emily]

couple at Horseshoe bend for engagement.

When you go to a couple’s session, you should try to make it an adventure! Don’t treat it like a standard photo session.

Photo by Aimee Flynn Photo

“Michael and Todd wanted to go on an adventure in Arizona, in honor of their anniversary. They hadn’t seen much of the desert, and they wanted their minds to be blown. As you can see from their reactions in these photos, mission accomplished. ” [Aimee]

cool light effect for engagement pictures.

This photographer’s portrait is the perfect engagement inspiration for those couples looking for photos a little more moody and romantic.

Photo by Christin Mortimore

“You are made of stardust, wishes, and magical things.” [Christin]

couple taking engagement portraits.

Above all, remember to get lost in the moment with your significant other during your session.

Photo by Dani Faulkenberry

While shooting [this couple], I felt like I had known them my whole life! They radiate love towards each other. I remember at one moment I had to excuse myself because they were so in the moment with each other.” [Dani]

casual engagement photo session.

For your engagement session, do something fun and unique, but also do something true to you both.

Photo by Hailey Pierce Photography

“When your couple wants flowers, you find a flower field, along the highway, and you shoot in it. No matter what!” [Hailey]

elegant dessert engagement session.

Are you looking for something elegant and bold? This portrait is the engagement inspiration you’ve been looking for. Pin it!

Photo by Klaus James Photography

“Sophie and Paz’s aesthetic is not only stunning, but their personality is just as amazing. They are the kind of people you can sit back and chat with all night. I didn’t just gain clients that day, but I gained a couple of solid friends!” [Klaus]

intimate engagement session.

Find a photographer you click with. You should feel like you are hanging out with an old friend. 

Photo by Mariah Treiber Photography

“Bri and Vinnie wanted their engagement session to display their love for one another. They want to dance, laugh, enjoy being in love, and create some memories together. I’m also loving the golden light, vibrant colors, and mood we captured during their session.” [Mariah]

couple laughing during elopement photography.

Posed pictures are so yesterday. With that said, take pictures that will reflect who you both are.

Photo by Mariana Ziegler

“Samantha and Paul are the sweetest. We traveled up Cheyenne Canon, in Colorado Springs, and spent golden hour capturing some sweet and spicy images of this sweet couple! They were down to try anything, and I had a blast with these two!” [Mariana]

Fun engagement session with boho hate.

During your session, don’t be afraid to move a lot!

Photo by Morgan Wiggins

“Zion sunrise sessions forever giving me life.” [Morgan]

Sunset engagement photography.

We love engagement sessions because we can see the love between two people so easily in a picture.

Photo by Nathaly Norman

“Sarah had a beautiful vision for this shoot, and it was amazing to bring her vision to life. We chose this location, so it would reflect exactly what she wanted. In reality, there were thousands of people around us. Therefore, we had to fight over a spot. It was definitely challenging, but it was also one of those sessions where it pushes your creativity and skills. In the end, it makes the session worth it when you can meet the client’s vision!” [Nathaly]

mountain top couple session inspiration.

What are the perfect elements in a couple’s shoot?

Photo by Nicole Henshaw

“When love, light, and wind all align… The sun was setting between the clouds and mountains, which created the most magical lighting.” [Nicole]

Couple inspiration session with dog.

When it comes to engagement sessions, pets are a huge plus!

Photo by The Grays

“We had an amazing time hiking for Erin and Nick’s engagement session. We then ended the evening with an epic sunset. Sammi, the pup, was amazing to work with and so happy too!” [Shannon+Jake Gray]

Couple portraits for engagement.

Are you ready to start planning your engagement shoot?

Photo by Tawny Ballard

“I loved capturing these two adventurous souls in Newport, Rhode Island. Janelle and Mike were quiet and humble people. However, the fire between them was almost tangible. I think we all desire a passion like that!” [Tawny]

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