Emotional Sedona Red Rock Elopement

detail shot of couple's hands.

This Emotional Sedona Red Rock Elopement at Cathedral Rock looks like something straight from a postcard.

Monique Perez, the photographer, experiences a mix of emotions when documenting an elopement like this one.

“It’s not the usual pressure or feelings you get when capturing a [traditional] wedding. That ‘photographer adrenaline’ you get as soon as you get to your couple’s venue with the timeline, is nonexistent for elopements. Elopements allow you to engage with your couples and learn about their love story. Finding out who they are as individuals and as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing!” [Monique]

Monique connected with Kaylee and Jeremiah, the couple, during this elopement at the Red Rock State Park of Sedona, Arizona.

“They’re a couple that I will forever hold dear to my heart. From the moment Kaylee reached out to me, I knew there was something special about their relationship. The love they share is so true and deep. There wasn’t a dry eye in sight when both vows were read. They found one another when God’s timing was right. And man does it show.” [Monique]

She admits that this elopement in the red rocks of Sedona opened her eyes to where her passion truly lies with her photography career. “If I could capture [elopements and intimate weddings] forever, I’d be the happiest photographer!”

Photography by Luna Marie Photography

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Planning for an Adventurous Elopement

When deciding to elope, Kaylee and Jeremiah wanted to keep it simple and focus on what the day was supposed to be about, their union. We asked Kaylee how they picked their elopement location, and she admitted she got inspired through a picture. 

“I saw a picture about a year before our engagement of an elopement in the area. I pinned it on Pinterest and thought, when the time comes I’d love the Sedona area. [The location is] different, breathtaking, and we felt like it was the best of both worlds; the desert meets the mountains!” [Kaylee]

Get ready to pin some of Kaylee’s amazing wedding portraits. Maybe you too will become inspired to elope amidst the Red Rocks of Sedona. 

Kaylee tells us planning was a breeze thanks to her photographer, Monique. She provided Kaylee with a list of vendors around the area that she could work with. Her planning also included contacting the state park to ensure she was honoring their requirements, and she also read up on their state website just to be safe. 

The one aspect Kaylee wished she planned for better was starting earlier to have plenty of time for pictures before sunset. They didn’t plan for traffic, and this caused them to lose some daylight time. She recommends couples who are interested in taking pictures at the top of Cathedral Rock to start ahead of time to not worry about this aspect.

Memorable Moments at the Elopement at Cathedral Rock in Sedona

When we asked both Kaylee and Monique what their favorite moments were during the elopement, the two admitted it was the moment of the first look.

“We looked at each other, and then looked around at the beauty of the land and all of the friendly hikers that stopped to enjoy the ceremony. Eloping allowed us to live in the moment and not rush to the next thing. It was a surreal moment that didn’t seem real.” [Kaylee]

Monique feels so honored to have witnessed a first look like this one. She recalls how emotional the couple was as they exchanged vows.

“Another highlight from that day would be hiking up to the very top of cathedral rock and just hanging out with Kaylee and Jeremiah. It was such an amazing time! Laughing and chit-chatting like we’d been friends for years. Kaylee hiked the entire way up in her wedding dress, and Jeremiah in his suit along with carrying her beautiful bouquet!” [Monique] 

After their hike, Monique planned to capture some epic shots at the top of Cathedral Rock. And they really are epic.

Why do you Love Capturing Elopements? 

Monique tells us that a lot of answers rush to her head when people ask her this question. 

“They’re simply beautiful. Sweet. Genuine. I’m a huge, huge hopeless romantic! I love, love. Everything about love just makes me so freaking happy. And with elopements, all those emotions and feels can be felt and showcased. At the end of the day, your forever and happily ever after is about you and your significant other. That’s exactly how your wedding day should be as well.” [Monique]

There is no right or wrong way to elope, so if you get inspired by this blog feature or any other, feel free to pin those pictures to your Pinterest boards. According to Monique, a couple can make an elope unique and true to who they are without worrying about what other people will think. 

“I love elopements so much my fiancé and I are also ditching the big wedding and eloping and having a super intimate ceremony in Jamaica.”

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Advice From the Bride and Groom 

Kaylee and Jeremiah recommend eloping to everyone. They loved their Sedona Red Rock Elopement.

“I wasn’t stressed about other opinions or if napkins were folded a certain way. We got to focus on the covenant we were making together in one of the most beautiful places on earth!” [Kaylee]

Her advice to other brides who are planning on going on an adventure like this red rocks elopement is to have a change of clothes to hike in along with boots to wear on the way up. “A friend to come along and help carry the bag/bouquet helps too!” 

This elopement at Cathedral Rock in Sedona was truly a dream. Kaylee encourages couples who decide to elope to “have fun, be creative, and make it what you want! The beauty of the land around you will make it a grand experience!” 


Florals | Morgan with Desert Bloom Floral
Rentals | Sessions Events
Makeup Artist | Martha V.

Thank you to Monique Perez for sharing this session, and congratulations to Kaylee and Jeremiah!

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