Romantic Fall Elopement at Emerald Lake, CO

Romantic Fall Elopement at Emerald Lake, CO

Dana and Johnny wanted to elope during the peak of the fall colors in Colorado. Carissa, their photographer, suggested Crested Butte, where they had a romantic adventure to Emerald Lake nestled within the aspen trees.

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Planning Your Elopement at Emerlad Lake

Crested Butte is home to one of the country’s largest aspen groves and gorgeous mountain views. Emerald Lake is a short hike to one of the best alpine lakes in the area.

“At the time of this elopement, there was no permit needed at this location in Crested Butte. Permit systems are always changing though, so I do recommend reaching out and confirming before you assume you won’t need one, to be on the safe side! As far as LNT goes, just be respectful and follow the general LNT guidelines. Crested Butte is known for its wildflowers during the summer, so it’s important not to step on the flowers, or pick them (I know it’s hard to resist haha!).” [Carissa, the photographer]

Here are Carissa’s top tips when planning in the area (they are super simple too):

“Crested Butte is absolutely spectacular in the wildflower season and in the fall when the leaves change. It’s of course beautiful year-round, but if you try to time your elopement for those peak seasons, you will be blown away by the beauty! Crested Butte also has tons of back roads, and OHV trails to explore – some of the best views in the area can be found on those trails, with a little effort and knowledge of how to find them! I really recommend hiring a photographer that knows the area, and can help you experience those awesome locations!” [Carissa, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope

Dana and Johnny picked Crested Butte as their elopement destination because it was somewhere in Colorado they had not been yet and they wanted to enjoy gorgeous yellow Aspens during their Fall elopement. Dana tells us Carissa played a huge part in the planning process, which brings back the importance of teaming up with a wedding vendor you trust.

“We are building our dream home in Conifer, Colorado so we didn’t have a lot of extra bandwidth to plan a big wedding. We are both pretty low-key as well and didn’t feel like “us” to have a big party. Also, we fell in love hiking together in Maine, so a beautiful mountain elopement felt perfect for our love story.” [The couple]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“I loved how they walked around the lake, then chose the spot they wanted to read their vows together. It was beautiful and emotional. I loved how they shared a little picnic together afterwards. They listened to music, and just sat together talking and taking in the view. I think it’s so important to set some time aside to just be with each other. We also had quite a few wildlife encounters! We saw a moose while driving out to the lake, which is always so fun, and we ran into herds of free range cows that are all over the area. One of my favorite photos is Dana and Johnny walking next to a cow as it peaks back at them.”

From the couple:

“Sharing a charcuterie board and champagne beside Emerald Lake after we exchanged vows. It was so special and intimate… HIGHLY recommend eloping! You can create a beautifully intimate experience celebrating you and your partner without all the added stress and expense!”

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Photos From This Emerald Lake Elopement

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