Jeeping Elopement in the Colorado Mountains

Jeeping Elopement in the Colorado Mountains

Who wants an ordinary wedding day when you can elope in the Colorado mountains while jeeping together? Vee and Joe are the coolest elopement couple. They embraced planning a true adventure elopement in the San Juan mountains in Colorado. 

Are you thinking about eloping to one of the most popular locations in the US? Check out all the details from this couple who jeeped up to some of Colorado’s epic views. 

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Photography by Vows and Peaks

Eloping in the Colorado Mountains

Vee and Joe wanted a fun elopement experience without the massive hike. Sean, from Vows and Peaks, recommended San Juan’s gorgeous mountain range for the perfect adventure.

“The San Juan’s are full of amazing off-roading routes. They lead you to abandoned mines in the high peaks rising above 13,000 feet. We hired a friend of mine who was their personal driver as we set out before sunrise up to the pass. When we arrived, they shared their vows as the sun rose and lit up the jagged peaks behind them. We then explored the basin, and captured the amazing beauty of the surrounding peaks and abandoned mines from the silver rush in the area.” [Sean]

Jeeping in the Colorado mountains is a fun and unique elopement idea for couples who are trying to think of a unique adventure. 

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Deciding to Elope

Deciding if you should elope and where to elope is never an easy task because there are so many options for couples to choose from. Sean actually picked out the location for this couple based on a questionnaire they filled out. Based on their answers, Colorado fit their personalities, relationship, and wedding day goals perfectly. Vee and Joe always wanted a small wedding and to save some money, so eloping in the Colorado mountains was the perfect choice for them. 

Vee works in personal finance, so the idea of dropping $30,000 on a single day was not an option for them. She tells us that it could have taken years to pay off that kind of money, and eloping matched their love and future dreams together. 

“We feel that the average wedding is too grandiose and wasteful — we wanted a wedding that would allow us to focus on our love and not worrying about how we were going to pay for it, or what damage we were doing to the Earth. Joe and I are avid hikers and adventurers, preferring national parks and camping to just about anything else. Once we knew the traditional wedding was out of the window, we wanted to take our love to the mountains. “ [Vee]

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Planning an Elopement Adventure in Colorado’s Mountains

If you don’t have a clear elopement vision, or if you have a very clear vision, hiring a professional elopement vendor is a great way to make sure everything goes smoothly. This couple didn’t have to worry about a thing because their photographer took care of the entire day. 

“We didn’t have to plan anything and that was the glorious thing about hiring an expert like Sean. I have been married once before, in my early 20’s, and planning a wedding then soured me on the idea of planning another event, no matter how small. Sean took care of every detail. All we had to do was get to Ouray – which included travel plans and renting an Airbnb. That was it. Easy peasy.” [Vee]

Sean recommends other couples who are interested in recreating the same jeeping experience in the Colorado mountains to elope during the week. Weekends are usually packed with not just other people in the San Juans mountains, but also with jeeps. He also recommends hiring a private tour with a local jeeping company, or you can be brave and drive the jeep yourselves! 

Memorable Moments During This Elopement 

Imagine being surrounded by volcanic peaks and the best mountain views in Colorado. Sean loves the San Juan Mountains for off-roading elopement experiences. Vee and Joe got to explore together while having a romantic wedding day at the same time, incorporating traditional ceremony rituals and vows.

Sean tells us his favorite moment during this elopement has to be when the couple got on top of the jeep and popped some champagne bottles together. 

“I also loved how they busted out Viking horns to drink champagne out of. So fun! They also did a dance from one of their favorite guys on 90-day fiancé haha. They were just super rad to kick it with.” [Sean]

Vee tells us that the whole idea of eloping was her favorite part throughout their elopement experience.

“I will never forget the way the basin lit up as the brisk August sun rose over the Colorado peaks, and Joe’s face as he promised me forever. It was a moment in time that is etched in our memories forever, and that is thanks to Vows and Peaks.” [Vee]  

Should You Elope?

Eloping is a no brainer if you ask a lot of couples and vendors we feature on our website. However, it all comes down to how you both want to celebrate your special day together.

“Don’t be afraid to make the jump. Everyone is so concerned about offending their friends and family; but at the end of the day, I’ve never had a couple say they regret eloping. As each couple is getting off the mountain they’re always raving about how much fun they had, and how the day was a total representation of who they are. It’s all about YOU!” [Sean]

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If you’re thinking about jeeping in Colorado for your wedding day, then let us know in the comments below!


Photography & Planner | Vows and Peaks

Dress | Azazie 

Flowers | Eucca 

Boots | Kodiakboots


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