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Elopement Styled Bohemian Wedding Session

Groom helps bride with her Daci gown.

This styled bohemian wedding session is romantic, intimate, and inspiring.

Photographer: Anna Tee Photography

Session:Styled/Inspiration Elopement Session

Location: Gold Creek Pond, North Bend, WA

From the Photographer:

“This session was a lot of fun, even though it was cold and rainy. One thing that I try to stress to couples, especially those who elope in the Pacific Northwest, is sometimes the weather is unpredictable. But as long as you’re having a good time, the photos will show it. We even got a double rainbow during this session, which of course wouldn’t have happened without the rain! I try to tailor my photos and my approach to each couple I photograph. These two were so fun and giggly, so we got a lot of fun photos of them running around and enjoying themselves.” [Anna]

Deciding to Elope or Have a Traditional Wedding

Anna admits to us that although capturing a couple’s wedding day is an honor, capturing a couple’s elopement is especially meaningful because she is usually the only other person there. She shares how grateful she is to be a part of such an intimate moment, and she encourages other couples to elope. With this boho elopement, it’s hard to not become inspired to start planning!

“I genuinely believe that eloping is the best way to get married. A lot of couples are hesitant because they’re worried about what their family or friends might think, but why should your wedding be about anyone but you? Why should you cater to what other people expect of you? What’s worse, a few people thinking you’re little nuts, or spending a ton of time, money, and energy on putting on a big wedding that you didn’t want?” [Anna]

Go with the Flow

Anna encourages everyone to just relax and enjoy the moment on the day of the wedding.

“Whether you’re a photographer or you’re getting your photo taken, sometimes the weather isn’t ideal, or things get dirty, but what really matters is that the couple loves each other and the photographer is there to document it. Everything else is just details.” [Anna]

Thank you to Anna Ter-Saakov for sharing this styled bohemian wedding session with our team. 

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