Secluded Island Elopement With Doritos & Cocktails in FL

Secluded Island Elopement With Doritos & Cocktails in FL

Amy and Sam wanted a low-key elopement ceremony on a secluded island surrounded by a few friends and family. Their day was filled with craft cocktails, Doritos, and water hangs! Get all the details from their Florida boat adventure below.

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Planning Your Elopement on a Secluded Island in Florida

Photography by Hazography

“LNT hasn’t caught up in Florida yet; however, many locals follow the principles. While we didn’t make it to our original plan of Cayo Costa, we went to an island nearby. The same principles apply – clean up after yourself, don’t bring back anything that you didn’t bring there, etc. If you want to get married in Cayo Costa, there’s a $2 per person fee that is paid via the honor system. You can also pay in advance online!” [Anna, the photographer]

Anna also recommends hiring a charter/boat caption. This allows your entire party to truly enjoy the day without any one person worrying about mooring or driving from spot to spot. Cayo Costa (and the bar featured in this elopement) are only accessible by boat or ferry. If you want to elope here, I would get there early or rent a cabin/tent location to ensure you beat the crowds!

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Deciding to Elope

“Sam and I always knew we didn’t want a traditional wedding, neither of us wanted to walk down an aisle and the thought of schmoozing all day on our day, sounded exhausting. We started to think about planning a big tent party and then realized pretty quickly that wasn’t going to work for us either. In that moment we decided let’s be us and celebrate us the exact way that works for us!” [The Couple]

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Details From This Florida Elopement

The simplicity of this secluded island elopement in Flordia is unmatched. They enjoyed views from the boat, shared some beers, at Doritos, had their loved ones nearby, and just enjoyed their day! Sam and Amy were able to enjoy every aspect of their wedding and celebrate the real reason for the day without all the fluff of a traditional wedding.

“Having my mom there to scope things out, buy things, being familiar with the location, all made it very easy. She even knew of a florist and took care of that for us. We knew who we wanted there, what our vision was, and then Anna really brought it together with additional ideas and creating an awesome timeline for us. So honestly, planning was so easy and didn’t feel like too much of a process. We made a list, and checked things off as we went along.” [The Couple]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“When we were at the tiki bar. It was the most gorgeous sunset and we were not going to make it back to the dock on time for portraits. The beach across from the bar was for residents and guests only, but the security guard noticed Sam and Amy’s wedding attire and graciously let us on the beach to take their epic bride and groom portraits! We were mindful of guests and respected the property to give thanks to the security guard that helped bring Sam and Amy’s elopement vision to life. Another memorable moment was just being able to chill and drink craft beers while we cruised around the Florida waterways. We even saw a few dolphins!”

From the couple:

“I would say our favorite part of the whole experience was being with each other and with the people closest to us, in a beautiful location, with no pressure, no stress. We got to do what we wanted and enjoy every second of it. Having Anna capture all of that so we have those memories to look at forever made it even better!”

Photos From This Elopement on a Secluded Island in Florida

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