Mystical Styled Elopement at Mt Fremont Fire Lookout + Everything You Need to Know Eloping Here

Mystical Styled Elopement at Mt Fremont Fire Lookout + Everything You Need to Know Eloping Here

Mount Rainier National Park is one of the top places to elope in Washington, so it’s no surprise couples are wanting to have a unique elopement experience in the area. Planning your elopement at Mt. Fremont Fire Lookout is probably one of the best things you can do during your adventure. Check out this styled inspiration below and everything you need to know when planning your elopement in the PNW.

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Planning Your Elopement at Mt. Fremont Fire Lookout

Photography by Overland Elopements

Anna, the photographer, tells us planning your elopement at Mt. Fremont Fire Lookout will give you the best up-close views of Mount Rainier. This location is so epic, you’ll literally feel like you’re walking above the clouds.

“I would 100% recommend planning for a sunrise hike. Not only will you enjoy an even more intimate experience, but you’ll be able to catch the colorful first light of the day as it illuminates the mountain. Plus, this is the best chance for a clear view before any clouds start to roll in as the sun rises. This would be the most amazing place for a first look or a vow reading.” [Anna, the photographer]

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About This Styled Elopement Session at Mt. Fremont Fire Lookout

This session started at 3:30 AM, well before the sun rose. The couple and the team used headlamps to follow the trail to the Mt. Fremont fire lookout to bask in the first light and clear views of Mt. Rainier.

“They exchanged vows and watched the clouds begin to shift as the temperatures changed. We began making our way back down once the sun came up, so we could enjoy all the views we passed on the way up in the dark. We spotted a herd of wild mountain goats and made it back down to the trailhead as mist, fog, and cloud cover moved in and gave us an entirely new landscape to enjoy! Once we got back, we hung out at our awesome Cabana camper van rental, and then parted ways to enjoy the rest of our day!” [Anna, the photographer]

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Fire Lookouts: A Unique Way to Spend Your Wedding Day

A lot of the time, couples reach out to us and ask us how they can make their elopement experience even more special. Your elopement team is actually a great place to start when planning your adventure. Since they have the most experienced in the area you’re interested in, they are able to give you suggestions based on the initial inspiration board you share with them.

“Aside from being a really memorable backdrop, you get this really special feeling when you see the fire lookout in the distance for the first time. It’s that giddy feeling of being SO close to your destination and that sense of accomplishment when you finally get there. Fire lookouts typically have some of the best views in the area (since that’s why they were built in the first place), so there really is something breathtaking about having a 360 view of the place you’re getting married to.” [Anna, the photographer]

What Should You Pack During Your Fire Lookout Elopement Adventure

When you’re planning a hike somewhere with high altitude at sunrise or sunset, it’s incredibly important to be prepared. Anna, the photographer, tells us being aware of the best leave no trace practices for the area is also a major plus so hikers can continue to enjoy the trail. Here are some items to consider adding to your list:

“Don’t forget to bring some cozy and warm layers as it gets chilly up there, even in the summer. Hiking snacks and water are always a must, but we think it’d be really cozy to also bring coffee or tea in an insulated mug as a warm treat at the top. Embrace the experience and you will truly feel on top of the world. And if you’re hiking in the dark, don’t forget your headlamps!” [Anna, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Session to Inspire You

This styled session is packed with memorable moments to inspire you. Just take a look at the photos below! Imagine planning your elopement and finishing your adventure by 7 AM! That’s exactly how this sunrise hike went in the PNW.

Here are some moments to inspire you:

“When we first started the hike up, it was totally dark, which meant we could spot the tiny, distant headlamps of climbers actually making the ascent to the top of Mount Rainier. The entire park felt so quiet and calm in the dark, and we were in awe picturing what that feeling must have been like for them all the way up near the peak…

Something that totally surpassed all expectations was the brilliant alpenglow on the mountain at first light, and how different the trail felt on the way back down from the lookout tower. We walked past entire fields of wildflowers on our way up and had no idea, so the entire way back felt totally new! By the time we got back to the bottom, the clouds were swirling around from the heat of the sun and we were engulfed in thick fog, which looked super cool…

When we got all the way back down to the parking lot, our camper van was there waiting for us stocked with fresh coffee and warm blankets..and it was still only 7 am…” [Anna, the photographer]

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Photographers | Overland Elopements
Models | Laura Smith
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Photos From This Mt Fremont Fire Lookout Elopement Inspiration