Intimate Elopement at Mammoth Mountain With a Private Lakeside Ceremony

Intimate Elopement at Mammoth Mountain With a Private Lakeside Ceremony

Nicole and Zach planned their elopement at Mammoth Mountain in CA. They had their first look on the side of the 11,000 ft high mountain and exchanged their vows by Convict lake.

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About this Elopement at Mammoth Mountain and Convict Lake

convict lake elopement

Photography by Scenic Vows

“We took in the views, got lots of ‘congratulations’ from skiers and snowboarders and then headed back down the mountain to go get these two married. We drove to Convict Lake where Becky officiated the sweet, private ceremony right on the side of the lake. Afterward, we walked down to the beach where they sipped on some chilled wine and we all watched as a rainstorm rolled in. We jumped in the cars and drove over to our secret spot close to Mammoth as it started to rain. The sun came back out for a second as Nicole & Zach explored and danced. When the sun started to set, we went to find the perfect spot for their first dance together. They danced and danced until it got dark.” [Becky, the photographer]

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Planning Your Elopement at Convict Lake

“The couple got married at Convict Lake and since it was just the two of them, no permit is required! If you were to have guests a permit is required for over 75 people. As far as LNT info, since it is wilderness, it’s important to follow all of the rules so that it is still around for people to enjoy for years to come!” [Becky, the photographer]

Top Tips When Eloping at This Location

“Keep an eye on the weather! Because Nicole & Zach eloped in early April, the weather was crazy and changing constantly. We had sunshine, rain, hail and wind all in a span of 6 hours. Because it was early in the year, there were no crowds which was great. The summer in that area can be really busy so planning an off-season elopement can really help with that!” [Becky, the photographer]

Details We Love During This Elopement

“Nicole’s mother had passed away when she was a young girl, so she wore her mom’s veil as a special way of having her there with them. Also, Nicole’s dad sent them with a stainless steel wine cooler bottle for them to pour wine into for their elopement day. It was a special touch to have those gifts and belongings there with them.” [Becky, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Because they weren’t from the area, the whole day was just full of them being amazed by the views. When we first planned the day, we weren’t going to include the gondola ride to the top of Mammoth Mountain. Once we started researching and looking into it, we mentioned it to them as a fun way to have a first look and they loved it! So we added on 2 more hours of coverage to include that ride. That was probably the coolest part of the day. It’s always fun to be able to share some of our favorite places with our couples.” [Becky, the photographer]

Photos From This Elopement

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