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Elopement Inspiration: Issue 2

Inspiring Couples With Our Weekly Elopement Inspiration.

If you’re considering eloping, then you have come to the right place. Every week we compile amazing elopement inspiration from different photographers.

Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their work with us over at our Facebook community. Your work and adventurous spirit inspire us. If you are a photographer specializing in elopements and adventure weddings, then make sure to join our Wandering Weddings community on Facebook.

Get ready to pin some amazing wedding portrait ideas for you and your special someone! For more inspiration and to learn how to elope, be sure to check out all of our planning resources.

wedding fun photo inspiration.

Photo by Joanna Baker

“Why be normal when the best thing is to be yourself? This wedding session was an adventure about fun, laughing, intimate moments, and a lot of unnormal things. We then opened a bottle of wine, went on a skateboard, and drove down a little forest road while having the best wedding moments ever.” [Joanna]

vow renewal inspiration

Photo by Ann Marie

“Sam and Syntaira have been married for one year but really wanted to get out in nature to renew their vows and have photos that better represented them as a couple. We gladly set up an adventure session and vow renewal session at Mt. Rainier national park.” [Ann]

Iceland waterfall inspiration for elopements.

Photo by Elope in Iceland

“We hiked to the base and exchanged our vows after a beautiful custom ceremony from the Icelandic officiant who was from the Icelandic Ethical Humanist organization.” [The Couple]

Elopement inspiration for ceremonies in the rain.

Photo by Brooke Womack Photography

“It poured all day causing their waterfall wedding ceremony to be moved inside, but nothing could stop these two from smiling. The love that these two share is the real deal.” [Brooke]

Couple sunset inspiration.

Photo by Kortni Maria

“Their day was full of lots of laughter, a beautiful ceremony, and the most stunning sunset. Right before everyone was about to head inside for dinner, I pulled them aside and asked, “Can I take just one more shot?” They were all for it, and I’m so glad.”

Elopement inspiration with veil.

Photo by Autumn Marshall Photography

“Megan and Lyle originally had decided to have their first look at the ceremony location with the rest of the bridal party there, but after telling them about this amazing waterfall close by, we decided to change it. They then ended up telling me that their first look at the waterfall was one of the most special moments of the whole weekend.” [Autumn]

Bride and groom portraits.

Photo by Olga Merolla

“This was a very romantic shot in beautiful Tuscany, Italy. [The session was filled with an] endless wave of cypress trees, a beautiful sunset, and a very loving couple.” [Olga]

Fun motorcycle inspiration for elopements.

Photo by Kendall Pemberton

“This was such a beautiful and intimate shoot. What’s better than a gorgeous couple and a motorcycle? Nothing!” [Kendall]

Retro elopement inspiration.

Photo by Alyssa Hitchcock

“Photographing their wedding was truly a dream, and they made sure to include their passion in all of the details. This portrait of them shows their soft nature and killer style.” [Alyssa]

Bridal portrait inspiration.

Photo by Jessi Vaughn

“The phrase ‘you should marry your best friend’ couldn’t be truer for these two.” [Jessi]

Wedding portrait inspiration.

Photo by Kevyn Bruce

“I loved everything about this session with Shelby and Jontrel. We had to switch our location last minute due to weather, but it couldn’t have been more perfect with the storm rolling in and the chemistry between these two!” [Kevyn]

sunset with veil wedding inspiration.

Photo by Ashley Green

“Jess and Steve were my last wedding of 2019, and they sure sent it out with a bang. They were so laid back and carefree on their wedding day, and their relaxed vibes came across in all the fun they had during their sunset portrait session.” [Ashley]

Adventurous wedding inspiration.

Photo by Mary Anne Stephens

“Wandering through the majestic slot canyons in Page, Arizona, while small snowflakes floated across our cheeks, was something I thought I could only dream of. Watching Jodi and Zach’s love story unfold in the midst of all of it was one for the books.” [Mary Anne]

Couple laughing during elopement.

Photo by Sarah Lindstrom

“Jade and Ryan eloped in Waco, Texas. The 3 of us met an officiant in the park and spent the evening wandering around the lake drinking champagne and eating cake. The relaxed nature and ease of their day made me fall in love with elopements.” [Sarah]

Elopement inspiration portraits.

Photo by Tori Bonaventura

“These two are the sweetest and most beautiful, in love couple. Their bohemian vibes and the onset of early fall suited them so well. It was the elopement of my dreams.” [Tori]

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