Elopement Inspiration: Issue 1

Inspiring Couples With Our Weekly Elopement Inspiration.

We have transformed our weekly spotlight issue into two different categories.  Now, we will publish blogs focused on elopement and engagement inspiration.

If you are considering eloping, then you have come to the right place. Every week we compile together amazing elopement inspiration from extraordinary photographers.

Thank you to all the amazing photographers that have shared their work with us over at our Facebook community. We love your adventurous spirit and are truly inspired by the work you do!

camping elopement portrait

Do you love camping? Then make it a part of your big day!

Photo by Becca Moot

“It was such an honor to capture Ashley and Zak in their element. During their elopement, they were doing what they love while sharing their love. We got to hike in the beautiful White Mountains, then come back, relax, and have a few, maybe more than a few, celebratory drinks at their campsite. Overall, it was an amazing day!” [Becca]

Bride and groom portrait

We love when photographers capture the perfect moment.

Photo by Natalie Donovan

“Rachel and Joe reflected a love with the depth and truth that reflects something bigger. I’m so lucky to have photographed them running around in the meadows and singing our favorite songs during the ceremony. I’ll be looking back at these moments for years to come.” [Natalie]

fun elopement photography

Above all, remember to be adventurous and be you.


“As high-school sweethearts, Erin and Zoltan knew they wanted to get married. They decided to make it official alongside their immediate family and pups! They got married among the beautiful redwood trees outside of Santa Cruz, CA.” [Sarah]

veil photography with bride and groom.

This is a great veil shot for your elopement inspiration.

Photo by Loretta Lewis

“Marriage is perhaps the greatest and most challenging adventure of all. However, marriage is also about having someone to laugh with, to snuggle with, and to hold on a cold night. It’s having someone you know feels the same way about you as you feel about them.” [JR Holaday-Herrington, officiant] 

Bridal photography with bride and groom.

When a photographer captures a bride’s wedding dress in motion, our hearts melt.

Photo by Jessika Christine Photography

“Photographing a couple in Yosemite has always been on my bucket list. I was so excited to photograph Taylor and Alex! They have been going to Yosemite together for years. It was so special to document their love at a place dear to their hearts.” [Jessika]

Bridal portrait of elopement.

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate this lighting.

Photo by Graeme Passmore

“The best light.” [Graeme]

inspirational elopement photography.

If you love adventure, then be adventurous.

Photo by Ceranna Photography

“After adventuring and road-tripping in the Isle of Skye for a couple of days, they decided Glencoe will be the best spot to elope. So there, in the valley carved by long-gone glaciers, they spoke their vows. They were surrounded by the most wonderful landscape, shivering with excitement and cold, and drinking whiskey out of the bottle to celebrate and warm up.” [Anna]

adventure elopement.

Hiking boots and wedding dresses go perfectly together for elopement adventures.

Photo by Cécilia Hofer

“We did this bridal shoot in one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. The couple then hiked for about 4 hours. The bride wore her dress the whole time! ” [Cécilia]

boho elopement photography

This is every boho brides ideal elopement inspiration.

Photo by Bailee Ward

“Moab, Utah in Arches National Park is one of my favorite places in the world. This desert elopement is one of my favorites to date, mostly because this location holds a very special place in my heart.” [Bailee]

Intimate elopement couple inspiration

Don’t forgot to enjoy the quiet moments during your elopement.

Photo by TwoMermaids Photography

“This was a gorgeous styled shoot in Phoenix. The couple is a real couple with real passion and real love. Thus, it was easy to provoke the raw emotive love I adore documenting in my work.” [Ashley]

destination elopement adventure inspiration.

Remember to enjoy the moment, even if it rains!

Photo by Myrtle Creative Co.

“Oregon is known for having some crazy Pacific Northwest weather, and these two embraced mother nature and made the most of their time in making this happen! Hannah even went so far as to go barefoot in the mud, and dirty dress goals happened!” [Ann]

halloween elopement portrait.

Also, we have to include seasonal elopement inspiration. After all, it is almost Halloween!

Photo by: The Pinckards

“Halloween scares me, but I still love it.” [Laura]

sunset elopement as grooom dips bride

All things considered, do what you love on your special day.

Photo by Scenic Vows

“The Wilds wanted their adventure elopement to be just the two of them in nature. They had decided they would both change their last name to Wild, instead of Sierra taking on Alex’s name. If you meet them, you will understand why they chose that name, and how fitting it is for them.” [Brian and Becky]

Halloween couple elopement inspiration

If you want to have a seasonal elopement, go for it! Do what you love!

Photo by Allyson Rayann Carrizosa

“I’ll follow you anywhere my love” [Allyson]


If you want to elope somewhere far, don’t be afraid to make it happen!

Photo by Lighthouse Photography

“A few days ago, tying the knot in the cliffs of Santorini.” [Teo]

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