Elopement Inspiration at Voyageurs National Park, MN

Elopement Inspiration at Voyageurs National Park, MN

Even though the couple had already officially signed their papers a few months prior to this special day, they still both cried when reading their vows as if it was the first time. This inspiration is perfect for couples looking for a relaxing wedding experience filled with laughs and desserts.

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Eloping at Voyageurs National Park

“As far as permits go, the park does have a special use permit that is generally required for holding weddings and events. If you are eloping just the two of you, then I would double check the latest permit requirement with the park rangers.

As far as Leave No Trace, that was something I also discussed with park rangers. They knew that I am LNT certified and we also discussed florals. They highly recommended not bringing in live foreign flowers, so the couple and I opted for fake flowers so as to not leave anything behind!” [Anna, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Eloping at This Park in Minnesota

“My top tip for eloping at voyageurs, much like other parks, is to see if you can go during non peak season! Because we went in May in Minnesota when it’s still a little chilly, we hardly saw anyone around so the couple really got to have the day to themselves. I’d also highly recommend looking at adding on a boat tour or even renting canoes for an elopement like this because this park is so well known for its amazing islands only accessible by boat or canoe.” [Anna, the photographer]

Estimated Cost For an Elopement Like This

“It depends on the kind of stay you’d like to book… Obviously camping there would be pretty cheap but some airbnbs/ lodges in the area may be closer to $150/ night. There’s also a $50 permit fee and we only spent about $50 on florals. If you hire a good photographer you could definitely do this for less than $10,000!” [Anna, the photographer]

Memorable Details

“I love that they used pieces of their mom’s wedding dresses and made them their own. So both of the top pieces of their outfits are from their mother’s dresses and then they searched around to find the perfect bottoms that felt exactly like THEM. They worked with an amazing local and queer tailor who helped them put their pieces together and it was just so so cute.” [Anna, the photographer]

Eloping in Minnesota

“This park is a hidden gem as well as Minnesota in general. I know it’s cold here in the winter (trust me I Know haha) but there are some truly beautiful places to hold your elopement here so I’d highly recommend adding it to the list of possibilities! Also, definitely plan to spend more time basking in the glory of your cool spot than you think you need- there’s some really great spots here that could require time for you to just sit and simply be.” [Anna, the photographer]

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