Hiking Over 12 Miles During Their Multi-Day Elopement in the Mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Hiking Over 12 Miles During Their Multi-Day Elopement in the Mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Jaclyn and Bryce decided to plan an elopement in the Swiss Alps after falling in love with the mountains on a previous summer trip across Europe. They planned an elopement on a trail deep in the mountains above Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

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About This Elopement in the Mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

“We split their elopement into two days, with an overnight stay at a mountain hut. In total, we covered over 12 miles of hiking and 5,000 feet of elevation gain.

The first day of the elopement was spent hiking, checking into the mountain hut, eating dinner, and a sunset first look. We also woke up around midnight to take a peek at the Milky Way.

The second day of Jaclyn and Bryce’s elopement started with a relaxed breakfast at the hut, before packing up our gear and hiking to a small alpine lake. At the lake, we cooled off in the icy waters, before Jaclyn and Bryce got ready and held their ceremony. Post-ceremony, we took portraits, ate lunch, and swam again.” [Christine, the photographer]

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Permits and LNT in the Switzerland Mountains During Your Wedding

“The majority of locations in Switzerland don’t require any special permits to photograph at. With that being said, many hiking trails cross through land owned by cable car companies, mountain huts, and farmers, so it’s always a good idea to reach out ahead of time in case there are any possible restrictions.

When it comes to Leaving No Trace, one of the most important things is to respect local wildlife. It’s not unlikely you’ll encounter grazing cattle, goats, and sheep. Do your best to keep an appropriate distance, and don’t feed them. Also, be sure to travel on durable surfaces, and pack in what you pack out.” [Christine, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Couples Eloping in the Lauterbrunnen or in the Swiss Alps

“Trails in the alps are *steep*, and many locations require the help of a cable car to access. Because many cable cars only operate between 9 am to 5 pm, this makes sunrises or sunsets hard to catch. If you want that dreamy golden light, consider booking a two-day elopement with an overnight hut stay. That way, you can utilize the help of the cable cars, but also get a secluded, epic location.

Start your day early. Not only are mornings less crowded, but they also have better weather. Afternoon thunderstorms frequently occur in the area.

Bring a warm jacket, even in summer! Overnight, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to dip below freezing.” [Christine, the photographer]

Deciding to Elope

I was married once before and had a traditional wedding. To be honest, I don’t look back on it with fondness. I felt like it was for everyone else and had nothing to do with the two people getting married. That experience wasn’t memorable or meaningful. When Jaclyn and I were planning our wedding, I knew I wanted something different, an experience that we could look back on for the rest of our lives with fondness and as something that was just “ours”. And it was! Our elopement experience is so special to me. Every time I look at our photos, I’m grateful that she’s my wife and grateful that we hold in our hearts this special memory of a day that was designed just for us.” [Bryce]

Estimated Cost From This Elopement Adventure

From the couple:

Roundtrip flights from LAX to ZRH: $3,166

Transportation by train for the 10 days we were in CH: Total ~$568

Swiss Half Fare Card: $268

Train fares: ~$300

Lodging: $639 (for the 4 nights were on our elopement adventure)

Flowers: $185

Elopement planner/Photographer: $3,017

Total ~ $7,575

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Jaclyn and Bryce’s sunset first look on Day 1. The mountains were bathed in beautiful reds and oranges, everything calm. During this moment, I saw Jaclyn shed a tear as Bryce pulled her in for a hug, and they watched the day fade. It was a powerful reminder of the bonding experience it can be to get married in the mountains.

Toward the end of their elopement, as we made the long hike back to our cars, we were joined by a random hiker from the Netherlands. He chatted with us, and we all ended up stopping for cold drinks at a mountain hut along the way. Jaclyn and Bryce called it their ‘’reception’’, with myself and this friendly hiker as the only guests.”


“Exchanging vows with my wife. Both of our vows were very personalized and meaningful. It was just the two of us. No microphone, no cameras in our faces, no distractions. It was just us. I loved sharing my heart with my sweetheart in a remote valley on the bank of a glacial lake.”


“When Christine set up a ‘first look’ for us outside of a mountain house the night before we hiked up to the lake and exchanged vows. The sun was setting and reflecting off the rock face across the valley from us – turning all of the rock pink! I had on my wedding dress and hiking boots, stomping across a pasture and trying to avoid cow patties. When I got to Bryce, his back was to me. He was just a silhouette against Alpenglow. When he turned to me, and we saw each other for the first time, I was totally overcome by how lucky I was to be with my favorite person, in my favorite place.”

Final Words of Advice

“Jaclyn and Bryce were a blast to work with, because they were 100% invested in having an awe-inspiring outdoor experience. The pair fully trusted me to suggest the lesser-known gems of the region, instead of basing their location choice on IG-hot spots. This flexibility and trust made it possible for them to not only soak up unbelievable views, but also have privacy and seclusion. They took advantage of the unique activities in Switzerland too, like staying overnight in a cozy mountain hut and swimming in glacial lakes.” [Christine, the photographer]

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Photographer | Made in the Mountains Photo

Dress Designer | Alyssa Kristin

Bridal Shop | Alta Moda Bridal

Suit | Hugo Boss

Shoes | Jimmy Choo

Florals | Blumenwerkstatt Rudolf Haefliger AG

Photos From This Elopement

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