Elopement Adventure at Harz National Park in Germany

Elopement Adventure at Harz National Park in Germany

Rahul and Harshitha originally planned to celebrate their wedding elsewhere but decided to plan their elopement in Germany in the Harz National Park. This simple elopement is the perfect inspiration for couples to explore together. From the epic Harz mountain views to hiking together through forests and waterfalls. Check out all the details when planning your adventure together in Germany.

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Photography by Duc Thien Photography

Planning Your Elopement in Germany’s National Park

There are so many gorgeous places to elope all around the world. With more couples realizing the true meaning of eloping, comes more couples wondering how to elope.

“When planning a couple’s elopement, we often refer to the couple’s interests and personalities. Once we have a grasp of their interests, we will know our goal of finding the right venue and planning a trip that brings the highest emotions.” [Thein]

Thein and the couple discussed elopement ideas for their elopement in Harz National Park through constant messages and Pinterest images. This is a great way to plan your elopement if you don’t live in the area you’re going to elope. We encourage couples to make sure they communicate with their elopement vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page and back up plans are in place.

National Park Harz is a nature reserve in Germany. It’s covered in gorgeous forests within the Harz mountains. With plenty of trails to explore, you can appreciate the park’s wildlife and natural uninhabited beauty. If you do plan your elopement in Germany, then you should definitely consider exploring this oasis together. 

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Rahul and Harshitha’s elopement was quiet, intimate, and special. Before exploring Harz National park, these two explored the small town in Wernigerode. Even though their adventure didn’t go according to plan due to the limiting restrictions that came with planning during the pandemic, these two kept their high spirits and enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest. They even got to visit a 200-year-old steam train and a stunning castle! 

We love the small details throughout the day Thein captured, including the moment right before their ceremony where they sat back to back and wrote their wedding vows. Towards the end of their adventure, they climbed together to the top of the mountain and enjoyed a stunning view of the sun setting. 

 Top Tips When Planning Your Elopement in Germany

If you’re interested in planning your elopement in Harz National Park or somewhere within Germany, here are our top tips.

  • Obtain your marriage license. Foreigners who are not from the EU can’t obtain a marriage license on a visitor visa. You must be living in Germany for at least 21 days before visiting the town hall to submit your intention to marry, thus you’ll need a valid visa for about 3-6 months. If this all sounds too complicated, then we suggest planning a commitment ceremony instead.
  • Hire local vendors or who have experience in the area. By hiring an experience destination elopement photographer and local vendors, you’ll be ensuring you have the best experience. While things don’t always go according to plan during elopements, it’s important to have a team to help you along your journey for plan B or C.
  • Leave No Trace. Visiting any national park, especially one so far away from home, is exciting and new for anyone. We encourage you, however, to double-check the rules and regulations for the elopement destination you both decide on. Some venues in Germany, even outdoor venues, will require permits.  Check with your team and make sure to respect the lands you’re visiting.
  • Get inspired and have fun. Planning your elopement adventure is a fun experience! Enjoy this moment and just think about things that are important to you both. If you’re feeling stuck, then just explore our blog and resources, or team up with one of our amazing elopement vendors.


Photography | Duc Thien Photography

Florist | Molting House 

Wedding dress | Luci Lily 

Makeup Artist and Hair | Ruby Nguyen 

Stationary and Invitation: Linh Chi from Duc Thien Photography

Photos From This Elopement in Germany

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