Secret North Shore Elopement in Duluth, MN

Secret North Shore Elopement in Duluth, MN

This North Shore elopement in Duluth, MN is down to earth, romantic, and so fun. We are loving the details from Kacy and Ted’s romantic elopement adventure in the city they love and cherish. After their original wedding plans got canceled, these two decided to secretly get married together and celebrate their love.

“Kacy and Ted and have been best friends, partners in crime, and soul mates for the last 11 years. These two have built their whole lives on an adventure – camping, hiking, kayaking, disc golf, and playing beach bums along the shore. You name it, in Kacy’s own words, ‘If it’s outdoors, we are there!’. Their absolute favorite activity is anything to do with our sweet golden retriever pup/fur baby, Rebel!” [Ivy]

If you’re a couple who just wants to hang out, drink champagne on the rocks, play with your pup, sing and dance to music, and jump in the lake at the end, then this North Shore elopement is the perfect inspiration.

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Eloping in Duluth, MN

Kacy and Ted are local to the North Shore area, so they already had an in on all the hidden gems surrounding the Duluth area, including their spot near Park Point. With their vision in mind, they connected with Ivy from Ivy Christina Photography, to document the best day of their lives.

“I think the best advice I could ever give to anyone eloping in the Midwest/ North Shore area is to elope on a weekday. That’s exactly what Kacy and Ted did, and it gave us so much room and play and not feel so congested by so many people around us. This also goes for summer elopements, since the North Shore can get very busy during the weekend. However, the North Shore still remains a very peaceful and underrated place for a lot of wedding couples, and I think that’s what makes every single elopement in the North Shore so special. It’s not your typical run of the mill elopement in Yosemite, Banff, Joshua Tree, etc…” [Ivy]

Planning Your Elopement in Minnesota

Places in Minnesota, like Duluth, are perfect for couples who want an intimate elopement experience, without the crowds.

Our biggest advice when planning your elopement anywhere is to double-check permit requirements and regulations for the location you want to elope. A lot of places along the North Shore area don’t require a permit, like this elopement. However, Ivy recommends always double-checking with your local city/town’s office.

“The North Shore is a great place to elope. There are many places to stay along the way, making it an ideal place to rent a cozy Airbnb to get ready, hold your ceremony, or spend part of your honeymoon there. The North Shore in general is naturally calm and pretty secluded from a lot of people. So wherever you end up eloping to you’ll more than likely get lucky with having your wedding/elopement location all to yourselves Lastly, be prepared to hike or dive right into the lake (it’s a North Shore tradition). The North Shore also has a variety of different terrain, so don’t be afraid to lace up your good hiking boots or completely barefoot it.” [Ivy]

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Details From This North Shore Elopement in Duluth, MN

We are suckers for elopements like this one in Duluth, MN. We love the beach vibes and the simplistic nature of it. From their picnic together with their old photo and momentos to Kacy’s fun elopement dress.

“I love the fact that almost every single detail was either thrifted, from their house, or held a significant value in their relationship. Every little detail truly made up Kacy and Ted/their entire relationship in the best way possible. When Ted asked Kacy what she’d like for their wedding cake, she requested chocolate brownies from Kwik Trip. To me, little details like that are often overlooked and make me appreciate my couple’s quirks. Another details, was how they had their dog Rebel involved before the ceremony and got to spend a moment just playing together before we adventured off for more photos.” [Ivy]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

It’s always hard to decide what we love most during intimate weddings and elopements. For Kacy and Ted, moments like their vows and playing with their pup made their wedding day even more special. According to Kacy, they were able to just live in every moment with each other and soak it all in.

“They literally let their entire emotions come out and felt as if they were the only two on that beach. We also cannot neglect when they ran into Lake Superior! That was when those two truly came alive. It was where they wanted to be, and how they wanted to end the night.” [Ivy]

Announcing Your Elopement

Kacy and Ted decided to keep their union a secret. Some couples wait for their photographer to give them some photos from their special day to send to their loved ones. Kacy tells us how much their photos meant to them, and how they were able to share their announcement with their family. They took a photo with their “We Did, We Eloped” sign right after they exchanged their vows and sent the photo to all their family and friends the day after.

“At the end of the day, Kacy and Ted knew what they wanted and were the kind of couple who valued the true meaning of coming together as one and not feeling the pressure to hold off everything for some big wedding. They are 100% unapologetic in the most adequate way possible and adventurous at heart, so nothing could stop them.” [Ivy]

Advice for photographers who have a couple who is secretly eloping:

“Respect the couple’s day and privacy of that day. Social media is OFF LIMITS. Whether the couple has a social media account or not, it’s best to share those moments later when the elopement is over. No one needs to feel stressed about someone or any wedding vendor posting about one’s secret elopement and word getting out in some way. To me elopements are all about being in the moment and not feeling constantly distracted.” [Ivy]

A lot of couples ask us what our advice is when it comes to announcing your elopement to your family and friends. Check out our blog on announcing your elopement.


Photography | Ivy Christina Photography

Dress | ASOS

Ring | Heidi Gibson

Wedding Decor | Vintage/all salvaged from the bride

Photos From This Elopement in Duluth, MN

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