Small Elopement Ceremony on Easdale Island, SCT

Small Elopement Ceremony on Easdale Island, SCT

Tabitha and Jed planned a romantic elopement ceremony on Easdale Island in Scotland with their closest family members. Everything from the elopement location to the small details this couple included makes for the perfect elopement story to inspire you to elope in Scotland this year.

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About This Elopement Ceremony on Easdale Island

Photography by Ceranna Photography

“Tabitha and Jed eloped on Easdale Island, a place they hold dear in their hearts. Easdale is a small island on the West coast of Scotland, only accessible by a small passenger ferry – there are no roads and no cars on the island, the islanders carry their shopping to their cottages in a wheel-barrows.

After the ceremony on the hill and first dance to the song of bagpipes, they went in to their Airbnb cottage to cut cake and celebrate with their closest family, before we headed out for some more photography, which ended up in a a rainy dip in one of the slate quarries on the island.” [Anna, the photographer]

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Leave No Trace in Scotland

“In Scotland, you’ve got Right to Roam – you’re free to go off the beaten path to explore and you can also get married (almost) anywhere, as long as you leave no trace of course (and that applies to any confetti, even those which are biodegradable as they litter the place for couple weeks anyway).

It is always recommendable to seek the permission of the landowner, especially if you’re planning to have more people in attendance or if you’d be looking to set up any structures (eg. tent, wedding arch or table). Contribution towards towards nature restoration to some of Scotland’s local charitable trusts is also very welcome. This couple’s location – tiny island on the West coast of Scotland is a special place for them, as the groom’s family is pretty much local.” [Anna, the photographer]

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Top Tips For Eloping Here

“My top tip for eloping in Scotland is – be ready for 4 seasons in a day, any time of the year. Also, be aware the marriage visa process can be a little bit of a pain, so if you’ve got an option of making things legal at home while having your meaningful ceremony in Scotland, that’s the way to go.

When choosing an elopement location in Scotland, you can simply point a finger on a map and be sure this place will be stunning. Wander off the beaten path from the popular hotspots and you can easily find a place just for the two of you. And one more thing – humanist celebrants rock, they create the most wonderful ceremonies.” [Anna, the photographer]

Details From This Wedding Day

“I love how very unique this all was. It was 100% them. From the boots the bride chose to wear, Tabitha’s flowers and crown, to the freezing dip in the quarry. In essence, it really was ‘just us’ experience, and I think that’s so important. The icing on the cake was to be accompanied by their closest ones for the ceremony and celebration afterwards, best of both worlds of having very intimate elopement but sharing in with family as well.” [Anna, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement on Easdale Island

From the photographer:

“There was a plan from the beginning to go for a paddle in one of the slate quarries as that’s where they spend their time when on summer holidays. The day turned out quite gloomy so after some refreshments with family, it was just Tabs, Jed, videographer Harry and me, going for a walk around the island to take photos and as we walked down towards the quarry, it started to rain. Suddenly there was this rush of excitement and urgency in the air.

They went in for a paddle, laughing, the rain intensified, we all knew Tab’s hair and makeup is pretty much ruined now, but it was the moment Jed took off his jacket and threw it towards us on the shore, that we knew they’re going in. It was such a wonderful moment of letting go as they immersed into the water in their wedding dress. But mind you, the dress starts weighing you down so after a little fright they were out of the water laughing.”

Final Words of Advice

“Make your day about you two and your love, let go and create memories you didn’t really expect to create, try something new or unusual and really, look into the eyes of your partner and live together in the moment.” [Anna, the photographer]

Photographer | Ceranna Photography  

Humanist Celebrant | Rhona Mclachlan
Piper | Grant Macleod, The Munro Bagpiper
Videographer | Harry Tarbuck of Servo Creatives 
Florist | Mountain Daisy Floristry 

An Lionadh (Aibnb) on Easdale Island


Photos From This Elopement

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