A Perfectly Simplistic Adventure Elopement in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

A Perfectly Simplistic Adventure Elopement in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

This elopement took place in the Pocono mountains and overlooked the Delaware river at the Delaware water gap. Katie and Paulie started with a first look at the trailhead after getting ready in their home, and then had a fun adventure filled with pizza and beer!

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About This Elopement Adventure in the Pocono Mountains

Photography by Kasie Romagno Photo

“I love how simple this wedding day was. The couple did not add any additional frills but chose only activities they enjoyed. We took our time going up and down the mountain with lots of time for them to soak it in and celebrate. They even had a private picnic and cake cutting where we mostly photographed from a distance while they listened to music and enjoyed each other’s company. They were so in the moment and focused on their activities and their love and that made it very special. Oh and the pizza and beer, who doesn’t love that combo after a good hike? On our hike back down we found a secluded woodsy area for the couple to complete their first dance to some Frank Sinatra and then shared a picnic by a stream.” [Kasie, the photographer]

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Leave No Trace and Permit Information

“This location is within the Deleware Water Gap National Recreation area and does not require an entry fee or permit for an elopement with just the couple and photography. This area is not conducive to an elopement with any guests. As for leave no trace, the paths on this trail are marked and should be followed and any items brought in for the elopement should be packed out and taken back home with you. The trailhead has restrooms and garbage receptacles that should be used prior to starting the hike.” [Kasie, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Eloping in the Pocono Mountains

“This elopement location is perfect for an elopement with no witnesses or guests. It is not conducive to a crowd. I would also recommend a weekday or sunrise elopement at this location as the trail can get very crowded on in-season weekends. The trail can be completed in a number of different ways. With this couple, we only went to the first outlook and then turned around and came back down the same way we went up. It is moderately rocky and I would recommend a sturdy shoe. If you are prepared for a longer more strenuous hike you could continue an additional mile from the first outlook to the top of the trail.

At this overlook, I would not recommend turning around and coming back down the same way you came up but continuing around the trail as it is a loop back to the trailhead. The second part of your ascent is steeper and requires some scrambling that is much more difficult to maneuver on the way down. At the end of the trailhead is a bridge and a small river perfect for a quick dip or a picnic after your vows. If you are looking to add other activities to your elopement day the Deleware river is right across from this hiking trailhead and is perfect for activities such as a quick swim, canoe, or kayak adventure.” [Kasie, the photographer]

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Planning Process During This Elopement

“We kept our process very simple. Our most important piece was finding a photographer. Kasie helped with planning and the details. We kept this very low budget for the rest of our details. We picked up local pizza, and our favorite beer, our flowers were simple and from Weis, and we really just wanted to focus on each other and the location.” [The couple]

Estimated Cost

Photographer $4200

Weis flowers $30, which they arranged together

Pizza $15

Beer $10

Champagne $15

Dress from lulus $75

The suit they already owned

Total ~ $4,345

Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From The Photographer:

“The few times we did see others on the trail Paulie was so excited for them to see the two of them hiking in their wedding clothes and to tell them they were married and be congratulated. I also loved their personal vows. In Pennsylvania, you can have a self-uniting ceremony with no witnesses. You can witness your own marriage and that is exactly what Paulie and Katie did. Their vows were heartfelt and even made them choke up.”

From the Couple:

“Just taking our time and enjoying the day together. We took the hike slow and spent lots of time enjoying the view at the top. We also loved our picnic where we could just focus on eachother and talk about our day.”

Final Piece of Advice From The Photographer

“Sit down and talk about each piece of a wedding day and decide if you want to include it. Just because you decide on no guests doesn’t mean you can’t add in other traditions that will make the day special and exciting for you. Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean your wedding day has to be short and sweet. There are so many activities that can be done. I think your wedding/ elopement day can be whatever you want it to be because it is all about you and I encourage every one of my couples to really think about this and work through what their perfect day sounds like.” [Kasie, the photographer]

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Photo From This Elopement

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