Full Day Elopement Adventure In North Cascades, WA

Full Day Elopement Adventure In North Cascades, WA

This North Cascades elopement has everything you would expect from an epic adventure wedding day in Washington. From sunrise private vows with headlamps to longboarding down the road after their valley ceremony together. This wedding day is packed with the little moments you can only get by planning a full-day wedding adventure.

Check out all the details from their wedding, including awesome tips from both the bride and groom and their awesome photographers, Jaclyn and Ryan from More Van Anything.

“Their energy and love for each other was really something to witness. We got to see alpenglow twice on the same stratovolcano, and they really appreciated every waking moment of their day. They were mesmerized by the scenery and that brought us so much joy! These two really embody what it means to elope and explore for the sake of having a great experience. We’re just honored to have been part of their experience in the Cascades.” [Jacyln and Ryan, Photographers]

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Photography by More Van Anything

Deciding on an Elopement Location

Christy and Tony share the same love for hiking and decided early on they wanted to get married somewhere in the mountains of Washington State.

“While we had secretly fantasized about eloping during wedding planning, ultimately when COVID-19 hit we determined it would be much safer to cancel our big wedding plans and elope instead. This allowed us to make the day truly about us as a couple, while Ryan and Jaclyn captured the day for us to share with our friends and family who couldn’t be there with us. We also now have the option to return to the place where we married for future anniversaries. It was such a joy to kick off our marriage with a grand adventure in the mountains!” [Christy]

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Planning a North Cascades Elopement

Washington has plenty of jaw-dropping locations to elope, but North Cascades is probably one of our favorite places to elope.

Christy tells us Jaclyn wrote down several scheduling scenarios, so they could determine the best timeline for their day. Finding a photographer or planner who is willing to break down every part of your adventure is especially important for couples who don’t adventure often together.

Teaming up with a pro like Jaclyn and Ryan also helps when you want a remote and secretive elopement experience without the crowds.

Tony’s top tip: Visit the location beforehand, if you can. Our area had quite a few popular hikes, and it was helpful to test out a few and find the exact spot we wanted for our vows before the big day.

Christy’s top tip: Look up lodging, grocery stores, and restaurants nearby in advance, especially if your location is remote. It’s important to think about how and when you (and your elopement crew) are going to eat!

Jaclyn and Ryan’s top tip: There are so many amazing hikes and things to do. It can be tempting to travel all over the Pacific Northwest to see everything for your trip, but we always recommend really exploring the area where you elope. It helps you create even more memories and gives you a better appreciation for the Cascades. Bring hiking poles! A lot of our favorite trails out here are fairly steep. Poles help take the pressure off of your knees and make life a lot easier.

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

This couple’s favorite moment was waking up at 3 AM for a sunrise hike, which was not part of the original plan! The plan was to hike 5 miles during this North Cascades elopement, but they ended up hiking 13 miles!

“It was so fun to begin the day with an epic adventure hiking up a mountainside, and then have our first look framed by the Cascade Mountains bathed in the orange-pink glow of the sunrise behind us. These moments and photos are things we will cherish throughout our lives.” [Christy]

Even though the hike up was pretty amazing, Jaclyn and Ryan tell us their favorite moment was the hike back down.

“We jokingly brought up how ‘Walter Mitty’ would love to longboard in the mountains like this. And they laughed and said that their longboards were actually in their trunk! So of course we brought them out and did it, but it’s just one of those moments where you think, ‘Of course you randomly brought your longboard for your elopement!’ And we just love unplanned moments like that.” [Jacyln and Ryan]

Advice From The Photographers

So what should you bring for your North Cascades elopement adventure? According to Jaclyn and Ryan, anything that will prepare you for being outdoors all day! With that said, think of the things you need, write them out, and then ask your elopement team for their advice. Remember, they have the most experience!

“Hiking boots with good traction, a fleece or puff jacket for those chilly mornings and evenings, and definitely some wool socks. Everything else really depends on the location and our plans. We have an elopement gear guide on our website that helps couples get a sense for our favorite gear and when they’d need it. But we also hike with a bridal kit, the 10 essentials, and have some extra gear in case our couples need crampons, hiking poles, or other items.” [Jacyln and Ryan]

Other than making sure you prepare for your special day and enjoy it, they also want to remind couples to avoid being overwhelmed with the inspiration and details you see online. Their biggest advice is to lean into the freedom that comes with eloping, be yourself, and create an adventure that celebrates your relationship.

Should You Elope?

So the question becomes, should you elope? After seeing this epic North Cascades elopement, are you considering having your ceremony in Washington? Are you still not sure how to elope?

Luckily for you, elopements are our specialty, so we know a ton of vendors who can help you out, including Jaclyn and Ryan!

“For us, eloping is just the start of a bigger adventure, of a commitment to each other to see more of the world, to step outside of your comfort zone, and to have incredible experiences. So we LOVE capturing elopements for the simple reason that adventure is what brings us all closer together. It’s really empowering for our couples to ditch the stress and expectations and be guided through an epic outdoor adventure that’s way more meaningful for them. We want this to be a story they are excited to share for the rest of their lives.” [Jacyln and Ryan]

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