Foggy Roan Mountain Elopement in Tennessee

This Roan Mountain elopement will inspire you to elope in the Tennessee Mountains. We love this elopement story not only because Jen and Garrett, the couple, totally rocked the foggy and unpredictable weather, but we also love all the small details.

Read along as we admire Meagan Puett’s gorgeous portraits of this newlywed couple and their two adorable pups.

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How to elope in Tennessee Mountains

Meagan tells us she had the pleasure of being the perfect resource in helping Jen and Garrett’s elopement day come to life. After learning what kind of elopement location these two were in search of, Meagan helped them pick the perfect spot to say, “I do”.

We have said this before, but it’s SO important to hire elopement vendors you trust and can confide in. After picking the perfect place to elope, Meagan continued to assist the couple in vendor planning and bringing the couple’s vision to life.

If you’re planning to elope in the mountains, then these are some tips to consider:

  • Hire vendors you trust. We recommend browsing through our Wandering Weddings elopement photographers, but always hire a vendor who you feel you connect with.
  • Pick the perfect elopement location. If you want to elope in the mountains, like this Roan mountain elopement in Tennessee, then pick a spot that has meaning to you.
  • Prepare for unpredictable weather. This elopement is the perfect example of less than ideal weather conditions, but it’s also the perfect example to show couples how beautiful a rainy/foggy elopement can be.
  • Have FUN! No explanation needed.

writing your vows during elopement

Personalize Your Elopement

We love elopements, especially mountain elopements because you can easily personalize your wedding day. Here are some of the things we love about this elopement:

  • The Letter Exchange. Jen and Garrett exchanged written letters to each other before hiking up Roan mountain. Another great idea is to write your wedding vows!

“As Garrett read Jen’s letter to him, towards the end he just started crying. And, covering his face in his hands, he kept saying ‘I just love her so much!’. He told me about how undeserving and lucky he felt to be marrying her.” [Meagan]

  • The first look. This couple had an emotional first look filled with happy tears! Just because you elope, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wedding traditions you love! We encourage couples to do whatever they love to do, together!
  • The Adventure. These two hiked Roan mountain in Tennessee, and Meagan tells us how beautiful it was to see their love during this adventure.
  • The Ceremony. These two shared their wedding ceremony with their intimate family and their two pups. Just because you decide to elope, doesn’t mean that you are restricted to not inviting anyone!

roan mountain tennessee

Story Behind This Roan Mountain Elopement in Tennessee

This couple chose to elope in the Tennessee mountains because their whole relationship surrounded mountain adventures, so it was only fitting for them to get married on a mountain too!

Jen and Garrett’s first date was a hike in the mountains in Massachusetts, and Garrett proposed to Jen on a mountain in Alabama. They both wanted to elope in Tennessee because it felt like home, and it’s also their favorite state.

From all that info, and the fact they own a strawberry Roan paint horse, Meagan decided Roan mountain was the perfect elopement location.

“As an elopement photographer, part of what I do is find beautiful spots for couples to say their ‘I do’s’ and to begin their adventure! Some other great resources are Instagram, Google, and Pinterest. Search for ‘Tennessee mountain elopements’ on any of those platforms, and then searching the images that come up is a great way to find a variety of different locations in the area.” [Meagan]

eloping in Tennessee mountains

Foggy and Rainy Weather During This Mountain Wedding

If you’re planning an elopement, then you need to be ok with less than perfect weather. No matter what the weather report predicts, some things are out of your control, and that’s ok! Trust us, we have seen some pretty epic elopements, including this one, with “bad” weather.

Meagan’s Advice for Photographers:

  • Bring an umbrella for couples. She loves the cute clear ones, which look perfect for portraits!
  • Bring rain gear for your equipment! Meagan uses a rain cover from Canon that easily covers her camera and lens.
  • Get familiar shooting in less than ideal conditions. Prepare yourself to better serve your couples by experimenting and doing research. This will also help you come up with creative solutions on the fly! Use that rain and wind to your advantage!
  • Get familiar with the area, including its plants and animals. This will be helpful if you run into sticky situations.
  • Team up with other photographers, and ask them for advice if you aren’t too familiar with the elopement destination.
  • Bring a small emergency kit. Meagan loves bringing a hairbrush. This can be a major lifesaver for brides eloping during a windy day.

“At the end of the evening when we were walking back to our cars in the dark, it was really foggy; so I positioned them in front of the headlights of their truck and let the light shine through in the fog around them. Those actually ended up being some of my favorite pictures from their day!” [Meagan]

sunset photo during elopement

Meagan’s Advice for Brides:

  • If you’re having your makeup done, ask your makeup artist to use waterproof makeup, especially waterproof mascara. Also, ask what you should do to easily touch-up in case of an emotional vow exchange.
  • Find time to incorporate your family. Meagan loves the idea of Facetiming them before or after the ceremony to make them feel a part of the wedding day.
  • Focus on each other and have fun!

“Jen and Garrett were so excited to marry each other that the weather didn’t matter one bit to them! They completely viewed it as a way that made their wedding day unique, and I think that is such an awesome mindset! If you make the best of it and just HAVE FUN and enjoy your adventure together, you will always end up with beautiful memories of your wedding day, no matter what kind of weather there is!” [Meagan]

eloping with pets in Tennessee mountain

Eloping with Pets

This Tennessee mountain elopement at Roan Mountain had two very special guests, the couple’s dogs!

We love it when couples incorporate their pets on their elopement day! We love how these two pups were equally excited for their humans to tie the knot! If you’re planning an elopement with your pets, however, it’s super important to do your research and discuss this with your vendors.

“I definitely recommend looking online or, better yet, calling someone who works for the park or destination location directly to learn about their rules and restrictions on bringing pets. Some places allow access as long as they remain on a leash at all times or only on certain trails, while others might not allow them at all. Because of this, making sure you have this info prior to deciding on your location is super important!” [Meagan]

Meagan’s top tips for eloping with pets:

  • Bring waste bags and plenty of water.
  • Invest in a front-attached harness or gentle leader to make hiking mountains easier, especially if your pups are pullers! This also ensures a more enjoyable and safer elopement adventure.

pets during elopement in Roan mountain

Why Do You Love Elopements?

Meagan, like many photographers, loves elopements for many reasons. Meagan actually captures both big weddings and elopements, and she tells us there is a big difference between them. The main difference being couples are able to focus on each other without the stress and rush that usually comes with a big wedding.

“I love that higher level of intimacy and being there to capture and experience all of the feels (yep, there are many times throughout a wedding day where you will see me shed some tears!). It is also a HUGE bonus being in the midst of a crazy beautiful place where you can just take in all of God’s creation and enjoy incredible scenery!” [Meagan]

Thank you Meagan for sharing this elopement with us, and congratulations to Jen and Garrett!

romantic elopement in the mountains

Other Vendors Involved

Dress: Modern Bride & Formal Shop 
Makeup: Makeup by Lexi B
Florals: Blossom and Bloom Design
Hair: Kate Scott  

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