Elegant Elopement Inspiration With Traditional Wedding Details in Arches

Elegant Elopement Inspiration With Traditional Wedding Details in Arches

This elegant elopement session in Arches is the perfect inspiration for couples who want to have an adventure elopement but also include traditional wedding details. The couple stayed in a beautiful glamping site, Moab Under Canvas, and then explored Arches National Park together. 

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Details From This Elegant Elopement Session in Arches

This styled session included elements of a traditional wedding while being in an adventurous location. The bride and groom wore very traditional “wedding” outfits, yet matched Arches’ landscape perfectly.

My best advice for couples is to think about how they can make their day more meaningful and memorable. Too often I hear that couples want just beautiful photos and that is all they care about. I love to help my couples expand their vision and create an amazing experience celebrating their love and marriage. I want my couples to have photos that help them recall beautiful memories, not just a thousand photos of them standing or kissing in a pretty place.” [Jocilyn, the photographer]

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Planning Your Elopement in Arches

Jocilyn shares that using vendors who are knowledgeable about the area’s LNT best practices is essential, especially in Moab, UT

“I used a local florist that uses sustainable practices, grows everything on her farm and knows what kind of flowers are permitted in the area (not invasive). Photos for this shoot were taken on private property (Moab Under Canvas) and in Arches National Park. I got written permission from Moab Under Canvas to take photos there and obtained a special use permit from Arches National Park. Arches National Park assigns a ranger to be with you for the duration of your ceremony/photo shoot. This is a great resource to make sure you are following LNT guidelines but we should always come prepared by researching LNT guidelines for the area. 

The biggest thing that everyone should be aware of for the Utah desert area is the fragile living soils, known as Cryptobiotic Soil Crust. Everyone should learn how to identify it and know not to step on or disturb it.

If you find room to mention that any location in the Moab, Utah area, including BLM land requires a permit of some kind that could be helpful! We are trying to spread the word because many think that they don’t need a permit if they choose locations outside the National Park. 

Local BLM officials are trying to preserve the fragile desert land and due to social media putting beautiful photos out there with little information, we find that many just don’t know that they need a permit. I hold an annual permit for both BLM land and the State Parks in the area. Then I get a special use permit for all jobs in the National Parks. Any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated.” [Jocilyn, the photographer]

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Top Tips Eloping Near Arches, UT

These are the top airport options for traveling to this area:

  • Canyonlands Field Airport: 18 miles from Moab
  • Grand Junction Regional Airport: 114 miles from Moab
  • Salt Lake City International Airport: 234 miles from Moab

I recommend renting an SUV or truck from the airport or a jeep in Moab. Get the best transportation for exploration!

Lodging – Moab Under Canvas is a glamping site. It has a very modern and comfortable yet primitive design (pull chain shower and battery packs to charge phones but no outlets).

Definitely plan for more of a camping experience, not a hotel experience. Overall the place is very clean and the staff is very accommodating!

Estimated Cost Breakdown of This Elopement

Lodging/Getting Ready Venue – Moab Under Canvas (3 nights) $2,013.45

Flowers (Farmyard Moab) – $409.14

Photography Package (all day 8 hour session) – $7,499

Wedding Dress Rental – $300

Park Permit – $180

Vow Books – $48

Champagne – $50

Officiant – $250

Total ~ $10,749.59

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Photography |  Jocilyn Bennett Photography

Dress | Rent The Dress 

Jewelry | Vintage Heirlooms

Florals | Farm Yard 

Vow Books | Etsy, sablewoodpaperco

Lodging & Venue for getting ready / after celebration | Moab Under Canvas Deluxe Tent


Photos From This Styled Elopement Session

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