A Rainy Elopement at Eden Mill Nature Center in Maryland

A Rainy Elopement at Eden Mill Nature Center in Maryland

Mike and Angela decided to elope because they wanted something that was just for them, without the stressors and pressure that come with planning a large wedding. Knowing they didn’t want anything to take away from their love that day, they decided to plan their elopement at a nearby park, Eden Mill Nature Center. They held their ceremony on a wooded trail and kept everything very simple. What they didn’t expect was to wake up to heavy storm winds and flooding on their wedding day.

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About This Elopement at Eden Mill Nature Center

Photography by Evergreen Photo

“While we talked about rescheduling or switching to an indoor location, they ultimately decided that they would be able to embrace anything that came their way, even the crazy weather. So we brought umbrellas and they got completely soaked while saying their vows, but they still had so much fun and loved adventuring around. While they originally had planned for some additional details, the rain became the biggest detail of their day and we just had fun exploring and dancing in the rain.

They wanted to get married out in nature on a trail they love to walk together and didn’t want much of a fuss or production. They kept it to just their best friends officiating and Angelas dad as a witness for the ceremony. The day of their wedding we had strong winds and so much rain that the trails were flooded in sections. Most couples would’ve rescheduled or opted for an indoor location, but none of that mattered to them and they were determined to get married rain or shine. They never complained about the rain and only thought it added to the fun and ‘realness’ of the day having it no matter the weather.” [Bekah, the photographer]

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Planning Your Elopement at This Park in Maryland

Eden Mill consists of 118 acres of natural habitat providing a sanctuary for animals and plant life, making it a very special place to elope. The trail system threads through these habitats and provides visitors with 3 miles of hiking trails. This park shows how you can find somewhere gorgeous to elope and keep it simple. You don’t have to travel miles to elope together at a famous spot you saw on Instagram. Take some time and explore the places near your home first!

“We followed LNT principles by staying on the paths and not setting up big ceremony arrangements but no permits were required for this public park.” [Bekah, the photographer]


Memorable Moments From This Elopement

From the Photographer:

“I loved that they said the photos were the most important thing from their day because it would be their first family heirloom and they wanted something that felt timeless and true to who they were, which I think we accomplished.”

Details From This Elopement

“The details were pretty simple and the little things ended up being the big things. I love that in some photos you can see Angelas goosebumps from the cold and rain but her and Mike stayed close and loved on each other through that. They had little bottles of fireball shots to warm up which was fun. Also, her dress got so soaked at one point we had to wring out all the water.” [Bekah, the photographer]

Final Words of Advice

“The biggest takeaway for me was that because they didn’t let the rain ruin their plans and they embraced the weather, it ended up being the best part of the day and something fun, playful, and romantic that happened instead of something terrible. They made the day about them and even though it looked different than they thought, they rolled with it and were so much happier than if they had let it bum them out. They said at the end of the day all they wanted was to be married and they accomplished that!” [Bekah, the photographer]

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Photos From This Elopement

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