Eastlyn & Joshua

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We’re Eastlyn and Joshua, a husband & wife team for weddings. Eastlyn likes to describe herself as a feeler and hiker with constant messy hair. Joshua likes to describe himself as craving more adventure than is safe for him. So if you’re all about that wild wind-blown hair and you’re not afraid to get a little dirty from a long hike or wet from waterfall mist, then we know we’d be the perfect match for your love adventure. However, more than we love drama of nature, we believe in story.

Photography tends to have a reputation of being the least artistic form of art because of its process and realistic depiction of what’s captured. Although intuitively creative, not all photographers are artists. But art is a language that has always been close to our hearts. As photographers, there is a richness that far exceeds just creating pretty pictures. We believe that we have an incredible opportunity to take part in the imperative art form of visual storytelling. It takes sincerity and a mind that is present, because before we can tell a story honestly, we need to first become “storylisteners.” Storylistening goes beyond asking your subjects the right questions and listening to their verbal narration. It also means being in tune to their inflections, actions and emotions—like the way they move their hands when they talk, what makes them smile & what makes them them teary-eyed.

When we first started photography, we were so concerned about being technically perfect in sharpness and clarity, believing that’s what makes an image beautiful, that we didn’t realize we were missing the point. We weren’t being an authentic storytellers (or artists). We’ve learned that there is more truth and feeling in the motion and in the slightly out of focus because life isn’t altogether, perfectly in focus or clear. It’s messy, soulful and mysterious—and that’s what makes it so beautifully precious. Lights glow so much more brightly in the darkness—so we pray that our work is a light; beaming whispers of hope that the zillion imperfections are just as breathtaking as the fleeting flawless moment.



We looked through so many photographers before we found Eastlyn and Joshua’s work and fell in love with it. It might have been the timeless way they edit their images, or the raw emotion portrayed in them, but booking them for our wedding was the decision we were the most sure about (other than the decision to marry each other, of course!) Meeting them made us even happier with our choice. Eastlyn and Joshua are one of the sweetest couples I know. Eastlyn’s gentle nature and Joshua’s boundless enthusiasm made Marcus and I instantly feel comfortable with them, and now we count them as dear friends. They worked so hard whilst simultaneously fitting right in with our guests (every guest individually told me how lovely our photographers were) and even helping with wedding day chores. Your wedding photographer is going to be there throughout all of the most intimate moments of your day, therefore it’s SO important you like them as well as their work. Not only because if you’re not relaxed it will show in the photos, but because they’ll be in all of your wedding day memories, too. Throughout the day, they helped us create moments in which we wrote letters to each other and took time to bask in our emotions. Without their encouragement to pause and be present for a while, our wedding day may have slipped away before we knew it. Now, when I look back, some of my favorite memories of that day involve Marcus and I whispering to each other away from the craziness, grasping each other’s hands and soaking in the moment whilst Eastlyn quietly clicked away. When we received our wedding photos, they brought us right back to those moments. They were beautiful. Their edits perfectly illustrated the way the day had felt. The tones were soft and fresh, making the images look timeless rather than on trend. The photos themselves felt like poetry. They perfectly tell the story of our day with authentic smiles, laughs, and tender moments. There were the classic group portraits to keep the family happy, but other than that, each captured moment depicts a real memory rather than a forced pose, and they worked in such a way that we rarely knew we were being photographed. Eastlyn and Joshua were such a huge part of our wedding, and we’ll forever cherish the memories they’ve given us both as our friends and in photo form. We’re so grateful for everything they’ve done for us, and we honestly couldn’t recommend them more.

– Beth & Marcus

Artistic storytellers who capture the emotion! From the beginning of our email correspondence, I knew Eastlyn & Joshua would create something special on our wedding day. They are genuine artists who are as sincere personally as they are in their photography. If you’re looking for artistic wedding photography that is raw, real and emotional, choose this creative couple for your wedding day. Our wedding album is like a storybook where you can follow the the butterflies, the happy tears, the heart races, and the laughter in each image. Eastlyn and Joshua create timeless photography that will never go out of style or make you aware of what decade you’re in. On top of all that, they stuck with us through our entire wedding day to get every little detail. And now, we have thousands of photos to cherish forever. I cry every time I open our wedding album. Beauty at its finest.

– Annie & Michael

Eastlyn and Joshua are the most incredible team. From the very first communication, my fiance (at the time) and I felt a personal connection to their values and their work. They truly seek and desire to know their couples and create a personalized experience. They were intentional in every step of the process, wanting to understand the intricacies of our relationship, and also being open in sharing their story with us. This connection made my fiance and I feel comfortable and natural during pictures, allowing Eastlyn and Joshua to capture real and raw moments. During our engagement session, they bared the harsh elements with us on top of swirling, freezing sand dunes. It was like going on an adventure with our friends! On our wedding day, Eastlyn and Joshua were absolutely exceptional. They were helpful in many moments and beautifully captured even the smallest of details. During the reception, they added to the party energy and weren’t afraid to hit the dance floor to document the fun. My husband and I could not have asked for a better team! These people are committed to being genuine and their creative spirits fit perfectly with our wedding day. They really went above and beyond with what they delivered, and we are grateful to have these sweet moments forever.

– Sierra & Gentry