A Sunrise Elopement Adventure on Devil’s Bridge

A Sunrise Elopement Adventure on Devil’s Bridge

If you’re thinking about eloping somewhere in Sedona, AZ, then we are sure you’ve seen those epic photos at Devil’s Bridge. Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area, making it a perfect elopement spot for adventurous couples. Check out Kristin and Randy’s sunrise vow ceremony and what you should prepare for when planning your own adventure here.

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About This Elopement Adventure on Devil’s Bridge

“At 5 am we pulled into the parking lot for Devil’s Bridge in Sedona. The sky was inky black with bright pinpoints of stars spotting the dark sky. We bundled up in the November cold and began our hike out there.

Kristin and Randy were adventurous and excited as we climbed up the steep rocks and arrived at Devil’s Bridge before the sun had risen. We were alone at the spectacular site and they said their vows alone in the morning dusk as the sun began to rise.

We climbed around the incredible landscape and captured some amazing images. As we were heading back down to the car we found a beautiful platform where they shared their first dance as the sun came up and lit up the valley.

What a truly beautiful and special place to elope!” [Julia, the photographer]

Planning Your Elopement at Devil’s Bridge

“Top tips would be starting EARLY. We started at 5 am, and the sunrise wasn’t until close to 7 am. So we hiked the whole way up in the dark. Also going in the off-season. This was in November. It was definitely cold. But when we got to the top we were the only people there and we were able to watch the sunrise come up which was really incredible. Even in off-season once the sunrise came up there were people starting to arrive at the top. But there were still only max 15 people there where in summer I know the line can get much higher! Because we went in off-season and it was cold I also highly recommend hand/foot warmers (especially for the bride in her wedding dress!)” [Julia, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope AND Have a Wedding

“So Randy and I did actually do the formal wedding, but we wanted to do an adventure elopement shoot prior to the big day so that we could have that special moment where it was just the two of us- away from the hustle and bustle we knew would come with the traditional wedding day. It was such a meaningful experience that symbolized that, after all the wedding glitz and glamour was gone, it was just Randy and I, and that’s really all that mattered.” [Kristin, the bride]

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Deciding Where to Elope

“Sedona was our pick because we believe it to be one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. It also has a special place in my heart for multiple reasons- it was one of Randy and I’s first adventures together (and our first hike), and it was my late mother’s favorite place. Specifically, Devil’s Bridge gives an unforgettable view of the surrounding red rocks and lush valley below, while still igniting the adrenaline senses with the steep and unforgiving drop under the bridge. Being out there is a stark clash of vulnerability and peace- it’s truly wonderful.” [Kristin, the bride]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“When we first got there, there were still stars in the sky and the couple put on their wedding outfits at the top. It was just a fun and special moment to witness them getting ready together in the dark, on top of the mountain, under the stars, and being so sweet and silly with each other. Another favorite moment was we found this little flat rock down the mountain, I sent them down there and stayed up higher to shoot from above. They had their first dance as the sun was rising and lighting up the valley on top of that flat rock surrounded by trees. It was a really special and beautiful moment.”

From the couple:

“My favorite part of the experience was the progression of sunrise that we got to experience as we made the hike. We began well before sunrise, so most of the hike we did under the stars and amongst the trees. Sedona does not have heavy light pollution, so the darkness was deep and it was like you were looking at the entire system of stars. Once we got to the bridge the sun was just barely starting to light the sky, although it had not yet risen. This created an impressive silhouette of the mountains around us nestled against a dark blue sky of stars. Just beautiful! We were also the only ones there when we arrived, so we got to watch the sunrise over the mountains, in silence and solidarity, which was sincerely magical.”

Final Words of Advice

“Something I learned from this experience was really preparing your couple for everything to expect before going so everyone is on the same page. We shared a lot of photos and I talked about different ideas I had for them in the different spots before we even got there. I loved hearing about shots that they especially loved or wanted as well so we were able to capture a lot of stunning moments. We also talked extensively on how to keep them the most comfortable in the cold. She got nude leggings to wear under her dress, hand warmers, foot warmers, warm socks, and good sturdy shoes. It really helped her stay comfortable and not freezing in the cold and helped her enjoy the incredible moment more.” [Julia, the photographer]

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