Sunset Destination Wedding in Santorini, Greece with Family

Sunset Destination Wedding in Santorini, Greece with Family

What sounds better, planning a big traditional wedding indoors, or planning an intimate destination wedding in beautiful Santorini, Greece? We think the latter always sounds better. For Elyce and Paul, they traveled to Europe with their families to have an intimate and unforgettable wedding experience. 

“From Getting ready in separate houses, to their beautiful ceremony and mini reception spot, overlooking the Mediterranean, it couldn’t have been any more perfect for them.” [Will Khoury, The Photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Destination Wedding in Santorini

Elyse and Paul knew how to let go, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company while also spending time with their families, according to Will. They included their family in everything they did but also ensured their day was easy-going and relaxing. 

“During the ceremony, there was a little language barrier between the officiant and everyone there. He did not realize they intended to read vows to each other during the ceremony. So once he announced them married, they had a good laugh about it and decided to read them after he took off. It was a fun moment that sort of shows how easy going these two were. If something didn’t work out exactly how they wished, oh well, they figured it out on the spot and made the best of it.” [Will]

vow ceremony during intimate wedding in Santorini

Planning a Destination Wedding in Santorini

This romantic wedding day is what dreams are made of. From this epic view to the family celebration after their ceremony. While Will isn’t local to Santorini, he does have experience as a destination elopement photographer. 

Here are Will’s top tips when planning a wedding like this Santorini destination wedding: 

  • Hiring someone who knows their craft can make the day easier. Not just taking pretty pictures, but someone who how to travel and navigate cities.
  • Always stay in touch with your vendors.
  • Hiring local a local wedding planner can be super helpful (someone who can communicate with other local vendors in the same language and in the same timezone).
  • Take time to research the area and what’s around it.
  • Write down important aspects of your wedding day you both care about. 
  • Take the time to arrive early to your destination to relax and scope out the wedding spot (guests/family members should do the same).
  • Make sure you have the proper transportation between locations.
  • After the wedding day, staying in the same area to enjoy it even more and make it even more memorable.

Santorini elopement portrait ideas for couples

Stuck Between Planning a Big Wedding or a Small Intimate Wedding? 

For some couples exploring our site, it can be hard to decide if they want to plan an elopement with just the two of them, or if they want to include their loved ones and have a micro-wedding experience. Our best advice is to think about what you both prioritize the most for your wedding day.

“Taking a step back and re-evaluating their priorities to make a decision that best suits them. This sounds simple, but it’s honestly the best thing anyone can do to enjoy the heck out of their day. No matter what’s important to the couple, then it’s what will make their day extra special and meaningful to them.” [Will]

sunset elopement portraits in Santorini during intimate wedding

Advice From The Photographer

Even though Will isn’t from Santorini, he specializes in documenting intimate weddings and elopements. Being a destination photographer allows him to help guide his couples during their day.

Advice for Elopement Photographers: 

“Don’t take this lightly, be experienced in traveling, navigating cities, researching places, know your gear, give your absolute best to your couples, and most importantly, don’t go into this profession without putting your couples first, all the time. They are the reason for you to have an amazing job like this. Forget social media, and focus on capturing the heck out of your couples’ stories.”

For Couples That are Eloping, (Destination or Not) :

“Prioritize what’s important. Write them down so you don’t forget. Hire professionals that know all the ins and outs of their field. Photographers can honestly make or break the experience because once your day is done, photos (and videos) are the only thing that will ever make you relive your day. Don’t fall into the idea of “we must do this because it’s a wedding day” and have fun with everything. Make sure to take things lightly (even on elopement days – things go wrong). And finally, Make your day so amazing by finding ways to enjoy the heck out of it.”

sunset silhouette portrait in Santorini


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Photos From This Destination Wedding in Santorini, Greece

Photo by: Will Khoury Photography

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