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Daring Post-Wedding Rock Climbing Adventure in Redstone, CO | Christen & Nick

This daring session took these newlyweds and their marriage to a whole new level – literally.

Christen and Nick made their nuptials truly memorable by solemnizing their vows with a unique exercise in trust. Shortly after saying “I do”, the couple embarked upon an adventure that included rock-climbing in their wedding attire, assisted on the ground by friends and family and accompanied on the ropes by their fearless photographer, Jessica Christie. “During the ceremony itself, they performed a knot-tying with their mothers where together they tied two ropes with a fisherman’s knot,” Jessica explains. “A fisherman’s knot is very unique… under weight and pressure [it] actually becomes stronger and tighter, a symbol of maintaining that connection and strength in marriage no matter what life throws. To bring this ideal and commitment to life… Christen and Nick chose, then, to actually climb… like most adventures they take, they were able to reflect [upon] the commitment they made [to] each other, work together during the climb, and really embrace what supporting one another in a marriage means.”

For Jessica, this session was a dream come true. She embraced the challenge of training several times per week prior to the wedding and carefully considered the logistics of climbing safely with her camera. Even with months of preparation, however, this Crystal River Valley climb proved more difficult than any route Jessica had encountered before. Nevertheless, the newlyweds spurred her on, providing the coaching she needed to ascend 70 feet above ground. Jessica remained anchored in her harness, suspended for the next two hours as the bride and groom followed her up and the session truly began. “Once Nick was in place and I started giving them direction, tears filled my eyes,” Jessica says. “It felt like this moment was a culmination of everything I’ve ever worked for, and I couldn’t believe that I was doing it, let alone with such wonderful humans.”

Brace yourself. These images are not for the faint of heart!

“I’ve always said that you attract what you put out. Well for quite some time, I’ve been working hard to attract amazing humans who not only love the outdoors but who also lead with their heart in all that they do.”

[Jessica Christie, Photographer]

“I picked up climbing a few years ago, and while I’m not very good, I’m always looking for new ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone, because I feel this is when I am the most inspired and create better and stronger work. I was nearly in tears agreeing to this shoot and hit the climbing gym hardcore for the next four months.” 

[Jessica Christie]

“…my favorite part of this was when Nick was lead-climbing his route to join Christen… What was beautiful in this moment was listening to Christen encourage him. Her voice was calm, soothing and so sweet… My heart started swelling… This was a new challenge for them, climbing in wedding attire, taking photos together while roped in, but I could tell they were no strangers to not only taking on challenges together but conquering them through their teamwork and support. I was in awe and will never forget the ideals it showed me of a solid, working relationship. In this moment, I think we all knew that there was no better way to reflect upon and honor the life they were starting together.”

[Jessica Christie]

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