What’s up?! I’m Dalton Smiley. A photographer based out of Northwest Louisiana. I picked up a camera around 2 years ago and haven’t really put it down since. I became mesmerized at the energy created between two people in love with one another. There’s a moment when time genuinely stands still, and it’s as if nothing else matters in that point of time. I really push myself to capture raw emotion because, in my opinion, that truly stands the test of time. At the beginning of 2017, I was given the opportunity to travel and do photography. I absolutely love being able to experience new places because it allows me to challenge myself in different environments all while having amazing and beautiful couples to photograph!

When I’m not holding a camera, you’ll often find me hanging out with friends and family or taking spontaneous road trips to who knows where. I love an adventure, big or small, and all the memories that come from it. I’m extremely clumsy and easily distracted. I love striking up conversations with anyone and everyone I meet! I also may have a minor obsession with Big Brother, The Office, and Friends. 90% of my closet is blue, grey, or black for some reason? I’m a huge dreamer. The crazier the better in my opinion. I absolutely love getting to work with so many amazing clients no matter their ideas or personality type. I’d love to get to work with you on whatever insane idea you have dreamed up!

Based in North Louisiana

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Dalton is the MOST adventurous, outgoing, courteous and professional photographer I’ve ever encountered. When it came time to pick my wedding photographer, I literally had ZERO hesitation to hire him. May or may not have had him picked before I even got engaged…. I’m not all that comfortable in front of the camera, but he makes you feel so at ease and makes you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. The way Dalton captures REAL and PURE moments in his photography is mind blowing. I still tear up looking at my photos. Dalton is going to go places and his name will be known with this career and I cannot WAIT for that day to say “he was my wedding photographer!” and to even say that I know him. His work is flawless, timeless, beautiful. I can never thank him enough for the beautiful photos and memories!


Dalton is a young photographer I’ve admired for a little under a year now. At 18 years old, he’s so brave, bold, and business savvy. Not to mention incredibly fun. As a fellow photographer, I’m not always comfortable in front of the lens as I am behind it. I surprised my husband with an anniversary trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon; and I knew Dalton was my perfect match for a photographer when I saw Oregon was on his travel wish list. So I FINALLY hired him and he was such a calming spirit the whole time. I’ve never been so comfortable cutting up in front of the camera like that. My husband and I had such an incredible and memorable time. Dalton had everything to do with that. I couldn’t be more pleased with the photos, not only because they’re gorgeous and the man knows his way around capturing and editing, but because he really captured who we are as a couple.


Dalton Smiley is a joy to work with. I have had the privilege of watching his photography career evolve and knew that I had no other choice but to allow him to photograph our special moments together as a couple. Dalton has done our family portraits as well as our engagement, bridals, and wedding. He is a creative genius and is willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect picture. I have recommended him to others and would recommend him to anyone looking for a highly qualified, professional and artistic photographer. Dalton has a gift and I cannot wait to see where his career goes.