A Romantic Commitment Ceremony at a Waterfall in North Cascades

A Romantic Commitment Ceremony at a Waterfall in North Cascades

Lauren and Matt traveled all the way from Guatemala to have an intimate waterfall commitment ceremony in the North Cascades. The North Cascades is one of the best places ever to elope, with towering mountains and alpine lakes, and bright blue waters…It’s a paradise for anyone looking to elope there. June 21 (the summer solstice) was the date they picked, which is the longest day of the year. The perfect day to get the most daylight to celebrate and do things together!

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Planning Your Waterfall Commitment Ceremony at North Cascades

“When reaching out about permits, I was told that fake flower bouquets were preferred over a real flower bouquet. With Mt. Baker being an alpine environment, its ecosystem is fragile and you have to be careful with what you bring up (real flower bouquets can drop non-native seeds). And of course, always stay on trail. When reaching out about permits, you’ll have to see where the locations you are shooting are located (national forest land vs national park land). These have different rules and regulations. Mt. Baker doesn’t melt out until late summer, so if you go up while there is still snow, make sure to be prepared with the proper equipment and knowledge of hiking in the snow. Even in late June when we visited, we had to be watchful of avalanche zones.” [Karlie, the photographer]

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Picking a Waterfall For Your Ceremony

“This particular waterfall we accessed for their commitment ceremony was a little hard to find. I went the day before and scoped out the best way to get down, and that helped a ton when I brought Lauren and Matt with me the next day! The trail was pretty steep in some areas, so always be cautious and take your time. When the trail is really dry, it can be slippery, and if it was raining, the rocks would have been slick. Proper footgear will definitely help. In early summer when there’s runoff, waterfalls are flowing the best this time of year, so we got a beautiful roaring waterfall as their backdrop!” [Karlie, the photographer]

Trusting Your Photographer With Backup Plans

“They are so genuine and were very relaxed when we had to use the backup location for their commitment ceremony. Mt. Baker doesn’t thaw out until late July-August so we had to rearrange the timeline and locations to places at a lower elevation. When I found the waterfall and a gorgeous picnic area, Lauren and Matt were game for whatever I was able to find for backup spots. They trusted me completely and that makes the process so much less stressful for everyone.” [Karlie, the photographer]

Memorable Moments From This Waterfall Ceremony in North Cascades

From the photographer:

“When Lauren and Matt were reading their vows in front of the waterfall. The roaring of the water was so loud that only they could hear each other, which made for a beautiful intimate moment for them. It was just the two of them when they eloped, so during the commitment ceremony in front of the waterfall, they brought letters from family to read to each other. This was a great way to include their family even though it was just the two of them! They also brought their own polaroid camera, and were taking photos together all throughout the day!”

Details From This Elopement

“I absolutely love how Lauren and Matt both wore Blundstone boots, with Lauren’s being white for the bride! I love little details like this! I also loved taking photos with their camper van rental. They traveled to the North Cascades in it (they mentioned renting one on our initial phone call) and I was so excited to take adorable photos with their camper van! My other favorite was when they hung a hammock up by the river and just took a moment to relax together. This is so important and another reason why I love elopements so much, you have time to slow down and truly enjoy your day together.” [Karlie, the photographer]

Final Words of Advice From The Photographer

“When planning locations for their elopement, it really helped me to follow the Facebook page of the roadcrew (WSDOT) working to clear snow in the national park. They update you with road closures, progress, and estimated dates of opening. This helps a ton when planning and you can see what the road conditions look like! And to help me see when trails are best accessible, I go on AllTrails and look at the reviews and photos of trail conditions, as well as the elevation. This helps give me an idea of when the trail is going to be in the best condition.” [Karlie, the photographer]

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