The Most Epic Colorado Mountain Elopement Adventure We Have Seen Yet

The Most Epic Colorado Mountain Elopement Adventure We Have Seen Yet

When was the last time you heard a couple say they got married in the mountains behind their home, jumped off a rock into freezing water, exchange vows at 12,000’, and rented a 4×4 to stay in a yurt? Probably not often. Susan and James’ adventure elopement in these Colorado mountains is an elopement story you don’t want to miss.

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Deciding to Elope in the Colorado Mountains

Susan and James may have decided to have an adventure elopement in Colorado’s Arkansas valley, but they also chose to have a small wedding too! This clearly shows couples you’re able to plan whatever you want to celebrate your union together.

The couple tells us that while each ceremony was intentional, they chose to have both because they wanted to have both moments (easy enough right?).

“We had a 45 person wedding a month later. Sure, we could have had a small group there to witness our elopement, but it was important that it really be just us two in that first moment. We kept saying, we don’t want to have one night where we have to make a bunch of small talk with people we haven’t seen in forever.

We wanted to remember it all, we wanted to be present to one another and our why behind it all. And we wanted to be somewhere and do something that was everything we wanted, not catered to anyone else. So, our elopement was the perfect thing. It was just us that day. In many ways, it felt like a normal day together, which isn’t a bad thing because we love each other’s company (good thing, right!). The wedding was beautiful in and of itself as well, but we wouldn’t have traded the elopement for anything!” [The couple]

Choosing a Location

Deciding where to elope wasn’t a destination getaway for this couple, but it’s easily one of the best places to elope. The Colorado mountains are gorgeous and perfect for adventurous couples like Susan and James.

“We wanted to be close to what is close to our hearts. There are two private yurts up in the hills from our home, about 30 minutes on an ATV that we visit from time to time. It was the perfect spot and from way up top on the ridge, you can spot our house. The wildflowers were incredible and the hills were lush and green.

James and I love to jump into icy mountain lakes, so we started the morning with a hike up to our favorite spot and jumped in! We also love good food and with kitchens inside the yurts, we made a point to eat a delicious meal.” [Susan, the bride]

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Planning an Adventure Elopement For Just the Two of You

Warren, the photographer, tells us he loved how Susan and James’ elopement was so intentionally planned.

“From wanting to cliff jump at a favorite local lake hike, renting the UTV to access some overnight camping in the yurts, and having 360 mountain views overlooking the valley where they live during their ceremony was very special.” [Warren, the photographer]

But how do you plan an elopement, not to mention an adventure Colorado mountain elopement?! The couple tells us that the elopement planning was easy. They just needed their location, attire, wedding vows, and that’s about it. Other than the pandemic throwing their plans for a curveball, they relied on Warren and maintained a positive attitude through it all.

Warren was also great at keeping track of location, sunset/sunrise, weather, and so much more. This is why we always recommend teaming up with a professional elopement photographer to help you plan.

One last important planning feature is permits and regulations. It’s always important to double-check with not just your vendors, but location officials as well on what is required of all parties to have a ceremony and/or take pictures in the area.

Going With The Flow During Your Elopement

There are a lot of details from this elopement we love. Each one clearly inspires anyone going through this story to ditch the big, traditional wedding and elope instead. This Colorado mountain elopement had everything from romantic wedding vows with epic views to starry skies with a home-cooked meal.

“Susan and James typify the perfect elopement couple, especially in their mindset and attitudes. We went through so many ideations of their elopement day during the planning process. Locations, dates, covid delays, details, etc. We were planning for a year and a half before it finally came to fruition. They always had the best attitudes and never let things bother them when any obstacles came our way. They were so intentional with every detail and how they wanted to feel during their experience.” [Warren, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Colorado Mountain Elopement Adventure

Photographer’s Memorable Moment:

“Definitely the ceremony. We had the most amazing views, the perfect weather window for sunset, and an absolutely beautiful time together. Staying up late together, camping in the yurts, and photographing them under the milky way with more stars than any of us had ever seen before was also a highlight.”

Couple’s Memorable Moment:

“My favorite part was standing barefoot on the mountain ridge and soaking in the feeling of being at home. Both literally and figuratively. Standing on the mountains that overlook our home while feeling at home with my person… and our dog Oden of course.”

Advice From The Couple and Photographer

Advice From The Photographer:

“Spend some time thinking about what you truly want, aside from any external factors, and ask the right questions. How do you want it to feel most of all, not thinking about details, guests, locations, etc. Think about what the experience, planning, day of, and everything in between should feel like before anything else.”

Advice From the Couple:

“Be super intentional. Write your vows at least a month in advance if not sooner! It’s the most important thing of that day. Think of ways to make your person feel special with something they love. Some great advice I got was to think about what I would have loved to do as a child that would make me really happy, and do that. Eat ice cream, play board games, play tag or hide and seek, go sledding, sing, dance, watch cartoons in the morning, go swimming, make art, etc. The options are endless, and keep it simple.”

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