Epic Colorado Beach and Mountain Elopement With Snow Flurries and Trashed Wedding Dress

Epic Colorado Beach and Mountain Elopement With Snow Flurries and Trashed Wedding Dress

This Colorado elopement was the perfect wedding adventure for April and Devon. They originally wanted to have an adventure mountain elopement in Colorado because they believed: “Every day we climb a metaphorical mountain. There are always hurdles to overcome, and if you take down those hurdles together, you can get over anything.” Get all the details from their special day and find out how they planned an adventure for just the two of them and then a celebration with their friends and family. 

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About This Colorado Mountain and Beach Elopement

Photography by  Adventure Amore

April and Devon had the best of both worlds during their Colorado wedding adventure. Their first look was in the woods, overlooking Lake Turquoise, perfect for mountain views. They then hiked in their wedding attire, which was muddy and filled with snowbanks, causing April to have the most epic trashed dress we have seen!

This elopement was also true to typical Colorado because the weather was all over the place!

“We had blue skies, warm weather, and flurries of snow. We met up with their family and friends at the beach along the water and that’s where we had the official ceremony. It was a wonderful moment shared with friends and family, including their daughter who wore an adorable ‘Flower Girl’ denim jacket to match April’s ‘Bride’ jacket. A friend officiated, and at the very end, they had bracelets that they filled with sand to remember a perfect day full of love, friends, family, and adventure. April and Devon were thrilled because their Colorado adventure elopement had it all – both snow and sand.” [Adam, the photographer]

Even though April and Devon didn’t have a traditional wedding, they did include details important to them. From the firefighting pin on her garter to the shot glasses. April and Devon really made sure to personalize their day. They were able to put their own unique spin on traditions in a way that made them feel fresh and new. 

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Deciding to Elope 

April and Devon decided to elope, but they also decided to incorporate their family and friends on their wedding day. They chose an elopement-style wedding for a few reasons, including not liking to be the center of attention in large groups. 

“Devon and I are such a non-traditional couple in the first place, it’s right up our alley to not do ‘the expected’. Lastly, WE HIKED UP A MOUNTAIN ON OUR WEDDING DAY! Like, there’s so much more adventure and memories created when you’re doing something FUN together. We wanted our wedding day to be more than just the walk down the aisle to say our I do’s. Our hike symbolized our life together – how we can overcome obstacles, even if they are the size of a Colorado Mountain range if we do it together.” [April, the bride]

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Planning Process During This CO Elopement

Once this couple wanted a Colorado mountain elopement, all they had to do was ask their elopement photographer for location advice. That’s the best part about deciding to work with a professional elopement photographer, they are more than happy to help you find the perfect spot(s) for your adventure timeline. With Adam’s help, April and Devon had a mix of a Colorado mountain and beach elopement.

“Every location has different permitting rules regarding photography and wedding opportunities. Make sure to research who is responsible for the land that you will be occupying for your elopement. Reach out and confirm whether or not you need any type of permits. Following permitting rules is an integral part of Leave No Trace, which all photographers and couples should strive to follow.” [Adam, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments and Advice When Planning Your Elopement

There are a lot of moments we personally love about this Colorado elopement, from April’s dirty wedding dress to their beach celebration with their family and friends. Here are the couple’s and photographer’s memorable moments and advice to inspire you:

April’s Memorable Moment:

“My favorite part of the experience was how carefree it all was. Weddings always seem to bring out ‘Bridezillas’, but I had no cares in the world. I was just on an adventure with my best friend, being photographed LOL. Adam was so fun, non-judgmental, and always had a way of making us feel comfortable – even when things didn’t go as planned. He helped to put everything into perspective in a really positive way.”

Photographer’s Memorable Moment:

“When we got to the top of our hike, with mountaintop views spread all across the horizon, April and Devon’s face lit up with pure joy. Seeing just how happy they were, and that we had accomplished their dream location, filled me with so much happiness. Not too long, snow fell from the blue skies above and April and Devon just ran with it. They laughed, and twirled and let the snow fall on their tongues. It was really a magical moment. You always want an elopement to end on a high, and their elopement certainly did. I’ll never forget seeing them walk up from the beach holding their daughter’s hands, with the lakes and mountains behind them. It was a beautiful moment that will stay with me forever. – photographer

Advice From The Couple: 

“You may think you have everything planned out PERFECTLY, but sometimes Mother Nature steps in and makes you switch things up a bit. Don’t let that ruin your day. Chances are the new plans you have to make turn out even better than they would have originally.”

Advice From the Photographer: 

“Adventure elopements are all about crafting a beautifully unique day that fits the couple’s desires and life, as opposed to being put in a box which is what typically happens with traditional weddings. When couples first start planning, they should keep a very open mind about what their ideal adventures would be. You aren’t stuck with just one location or one specific time, or with a specific amount of guests that have to be included. Be flexible and let your heart run the planning process. If your heart desires multiple types of locations – go for it! Prioritize a main location, and then narrow down locations that incorporate the primary location and have accessibility to the secondary within a reasonable travel distance.” 


Photography | Adventure Amore

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal 

Boots | Timberland

Devon’s suit: |Foley Clothing 

Devon’s Boots | Thursday Boot Company

Shot Glasses | Foreverweddingcrafts

Garter | CreativeGarters

Bouquet and Boutonniere | The Ruffly Rose

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