Playful Cataract Falls Engagement Session in Southern Indiana | Jake & Allison

Photographer Emily Hary was in search of something “different and a little messy” when she met Jake and Allison in Southern Indiana. She felt an instant connection with the couple as they walked barefoot throughout the falls, exploring and enjoying drinks. Their playful love is captured beautifully in every image, and Emily names this golden hour engagement session her favorite non-wedding shoot of all time!

Photography by Emily Hary Photography

“I love when couples are down for getting dirty, sweaty, weird… The best sessions involve a lot of goofiness and laughter. While wading in the river above the waterfall, we all had to use a stick to make sure we didn’t slip into one of the many underwater holes. It was a hoot watching Jake and Allison navigate through the water…”

[Emily Hary, Photographer]

Thank you to Wandering Weddings member Emily Hary for sharing this session, and congratulations to Jake + Allison!

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