Catalina Island Elopement at Lovers Cove, California

lovers cove catalina island california elopement wedding

Photographer: Charlotte Francis Photo

Session: Elopement

Location: Lovers Cove on Catalina Island, California

From the Photographer:

“We [rode to] their ceremony location overlooking Lovers Cove. They eloped – just the two of them – writing special love notes to each other to read in place of vows during their ceremony. We took a few photos there and then walked around the island together, stopping along the way to take photos. We finished with champagne and getting completely into the water on the empty beach for those gorgeous romantic shots!”


“We chose to elope because neither one of [us] ever wanted a big wedding. It wasn’t really our style… With a wedding there are hosting obligations and often times family drama. We were happy to have the freedom to do what we wanted.”

[Nikki, The Bride]


“We planned the trip out about 10 months in advance, like planning a more detailed vacation… We went to Catalina last year on a day trip and thought it would be such a beautiful place to run away to… and a romantic place to elope… The island offers elopement packages which made the ceremony [and] legal aspects of getting married very easy… We found our photographer very early and made sure she was willing to travel. Charlotte is amazing!”



“My advice to anyone who wants to elope is to tell your friends and family before and explain why you are eloping. Give people a moment to digest so that when you do elope and share your photos and story, they are happy for you and not shocked. I would also try to include your closest friends or family in small moments, like picking out your dress. My mom was not very supportive of our decision, but it helped to include her in picking out my wedding dress. We were engaged for three years. At first, we entertained the idea of planning a wedding but quickly realized that was not us, and we would have been miserable… Eloping felt right for us. We are not traditional and wanted to do things a different way.”


Thank you to Charlotte Francis for sharing this session, and congratulations to Sam + Nikki!

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