Canadian Rockies Heli Styled Elopement Adventure Featuring Abraham Lake and Mountain Views | CA

Canadian Rockies Heli Styled Elopement Adventure Featuring Abraham Lake and Mountain Views | CA

This styled shoot in the Canadian Rockies is one for your Pinterest board asap! This styled elopement session features some of the most epic mountain and lake views you’ll find. Grab your winter coat though because this inspiration is a chilly one!

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Permit and LNT for This Canadian Rockies Heli Styled Elopement

“The location for the shoot was in Clearwater County Alberta, more specifically Abraham Lake and the surrounding mountains. It is a Public Land Use Zone and not within a National or Provincial Park so you do not need a Park permit and couples can be legally married by an individual licensed or authorized in Alberta to officiate a marriage ceremony, along with 2 witnesses of legal age in Alberta to witness and sign the license. Under 20 guests in PLUZ’s do not require permits and operate under a “Leave No Trace” policy as well as the understanding that they are not given exclusive rights to the area so they need to be respectful of other visitors to the area and ALL wildlife in the area.” [Kelly, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Eloping at the Canadian Rockies

  • Consider adding a helicopter to your elopement day as it’s an affordable, luxury activity with Rockies Heli Canada that gives you an experienced pilot/guide, 2 hours of time to fly to the top of a mountain, beside a hidden mountain lake, or an otherwise unreachable location for a fully PRIVATE and epic ceremony or photos spot.
  • Be prepared for all weather and accept that it’s part of your story and your adventure for the day!! The Canadian Rockies are very unpredictable in any season due to the extreme weather that can roll in seemingly out of nowhere as well as it’s this particular area is prone to very high winds. Couples need to have layers and be prepared for rain or even snow (not just in winter), and have the necessary attire and equipment should inclement weather appear suddenly. Just having the right gear to be prepared for the remote mountains is key.
  • Have an offline road or GPS map for the area as there is absolutely no cell phone service in this area so couples will not be able to call for help or get directions when plans may need to change or seek any other assistance via phone.
  • Rent a hotel or Airbnb/cabin in either Jasper or Lake Louise (both 2hrs away) as both are incredible locations and offer more in regards to accommodations compared to the remote area of Nordegg. Although there are some cabins and accommodations in the Nordegg area which is a little closer in proximity. This area is a little more remote and therefore also offers more privacy.

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Details From This Session We Love

“I am so in love with the rings from EVStenroos; the GORGEOUS star-shaped engagement ring is a jaw-dropper and also shows that we don’t need diamonds as the focal point of a ring.
I am also always in the thrall of the florals that Matt Barciak from Hue Florals puts together so effortlessly but with a perfect design eye for color, a wild shape, and unique florals that are not always commonly seen in wedding bouquets.

But can we talk about that dress from Reclamation Design Company?! I am so in love with lace dresses, but this one just blew me away with the earthy, understated beauty of the reclaimed lace and not filling it with underlayers (although we did have to put something on Savannah underneath for both modesty and the brutally cold weather). It flowed with the wind and the drop-off-the-shoulder sleeves were so beautiful!

The red helicopter was not a choice we could make color-wise, but it really popped as a unique photo prop in the snowy backdrop of the mountain while they were saying their vows! I loved what it added to the dynamic of those photos and showed off that special feature of the day.” [Kelly, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Styled Session

From the photographer:

  • The couple getting ready in a mountain cabin together.
  • The helicopter ride; seriously such a cool experience to ride in one and view Abraham Lake, as well as the surrounding peaks from that point of view, is just more than words can capture, not to mention landing next to a mountain lake that people hike in 24hrs to see; we got there in 5 min!
  • The couple snuggling while they were beside Abraham Lake whenever the wind would gust up to 70kmph/her (45mph) to warm her up and he would try to put his body between her and the wind to protect her as much as he could!
  • When they both were snuggled into a rock wall on top of the mountain out of the wind after their vows and suddenly started blowing on each other’s bunched fists to warm their hands.

Final Words of Advice

“My advice is to just go with the flow of the day and let what happens, happen. You are already trumping the normal and traditional stereotypes of a wedding day, so I say just embrace it all! Laugh, cry, and scream if you need to; I will document it and you will have the memories and story for a lifetime! The mountains are breathtaking and you just need to soak it all in, while letting me worry about logistics and plans and such, stress-free! Be present and remember this is the start of a marriage and a lifetime journey, so enjoy it for all that it is; take it all in, breathe it all in, and love the adventure!” [Kelly, the photographer]

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Photography | Kelly Szott Photography

Florals | HUE FLORALS  



MUA | BELLAMONA BEAUTY – [email protected]

Wedding Dress | REVIVE YO SOUL – [email protected]





Getting Ready Location | CASTLE MOUNTAIN CHALETS 


Photos From This Styled Session

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