Cabin Wedding Day Inspiration in The Wisconsin Driftless

Cabin Wedding Day Inspiration in The Wisconsin Driftless

Showcasing Wisconsin’s driftless region, Skyler’s styled cabin elopement features a couple and their dog enjoying their wedding day together. If you’ve been thinking about a romantic, intimate, and simple wedding day, then planning a cabin elopement wedding in Wisconsin may be perfect for you. Get all the inspiration from this styled shoot.

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Details From This Styled Cabin Elopement

This styled cabin elopement has everything a couple needs to enjoy a secluded wedding day together. We love all the elements that show couples the importance of spending time together. It’s also a good guide for couples who don’t know what exactly to do during their elopement.

The quiet moments are probably the details we love the most. Skyler tells us how she loved capturing the getting ready moments to the moments where the couple cuddled together with their pup, Patchouli.

“Eloping doesn’t mean you have to skip all of the details. The native sage’s florals at the ceremony space and tablescape were a testament to just how incredible you can make these spaces.” [Skyler]

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cabin elopement moments before wedding day

Why Should You Elope in Wisconsin?

Two Words: self-solemnization and intimacy.

“Wisconsin is one of the few places in the United States where self-solemnization or mutual declaration is allowed, meaning you don’t need a judge or officiant to legalize your marriage. You can officiate your wedding yourselves! It makes for even more intimate and incredible elopements when you have the opportunity to plan something with truly only the two of you in mind.” [Skyler]

Even though Wisconsin isn’t the first place you think of when planning your elopement, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a gorgeous spot for your wedding day. You can find epic locations to explore or plan an intimate wedding in a cabin, surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

exploring Wisconsin together during elopement

Picking a Unique Elopement Location

With more couples realizing what it means to elope come couples who are trying to understand how to elope. Even though the first place that usually comes to mind for elopement is national parks, it’s important to remember anywhere that allows you to have an intimate experience is still a perfect elopement spot.

Skyler encourages couples to explore areas not many couples would think of first. Explore your hometown, your backyard, or somewhere completely unique.

“Wisconsin boasts so many opportunities for beautiful and private locations, even within our state parks! Not only do we have shorelines along Lake Superior and Michigan, but we have incredible bluffs, rolling hills, cave systems, waterfalls-oh, and over 15,000 lakes and 16.7 million acres of forest!” [Skyler]

elopement dinning table decor during Wisconsin intimate wedding day

Tips For Planning a Wisconsin Cabin Wedding

This cabin elopement is giving us all the feels. This styled session easily shows couples all the possibilities when planning a wedding day in Wisconsin.

Here are Skyler’s top tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t rule out a winter date! If you’re dreaming of your elopement looking like the inside of a snow globe, Wisconsin can make that happen. Remember to dress for the occasion. Think wool socks, thermal layers, and all of the heated things (leggings, socks, jackets, gloves)! Believe us, frozen waves on the lake shores will make the cold worth it!
  • Wisconsinites love outdoor recreation- hunting IS allowed in Wisconsin State Parks during hunting season. If you’re planning on eloping in a Wisconsin State Park, be sure to check in on when and where you can expect hunting and trapping in the park.
  • If you’re hoping for our fantastic fall foliage, remember it can be a little hard to nail the best date for incredible colors. Lucky for us, there are great fall foliage trackers available through Travel Wisconsin, where you can anticipate peak colors and see past years’ reports.
  • Opting for an Airbnb or rental with a view is a great way to ensure a little added privacy with a remarkable landscape!

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intimate moments during elopement in Wisconsin cabin

Why Should You Elope?

Elopements bring back the real focus of a wedding, which is the marriage itself. You’re planning your day around you and your love, and that brings this extra meaning to every photo. We love connecting with our couples over what makes them feel the closest or most alive as partners!

“The most amazing (and sometimes most difficult) part of eloping in our experience has always been that you can honestly do anything with your day! Something that has helped our couples hugely is having them plan what a perfect day would be with their partner. That could be snuggling with their dog, cooking together, going for a hike, or beers around a campfire. We’ve even had some couples plan gaming with a projector for their elopement!

Then explore what’s available in the area you’re planning to say your I do’s! Maybe there are fantastic sea cave kayaking opportunities, or an incredible lookout known for stargazing. Look at your location, and see what parts of this perfect day you can incorporate to have an authentic elopement to you two!” [Skyler]

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Photography | Skyler & Vhan Photography

Wedding Dress | Erikas Bridal Couture

Cake |Roxy’s Sugar Shack

Planning & Styling | Wanderess Events

Floral | Native Sage Co

Invitations | Copper and Carbon

Photos From This Styled Wisconsin Elopement Wedding Day

cabin elopement moments before wedding day elopement ceremony arch in Wisconsin during cabin wedding

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