British Columbia Epic Elopement Adventure

British Columbia Elopement at the Canadian Rockies

Kristin and Justin planned this adventurous elopement in BC’s Rockies because they wanted to elope somewhere with stunning views, but off the beaten path. While spots like Moraine Lake and Banff see multiple tourists, there are equally beautiful areas to explore that are more remote, according to Afton Flynn, from Film and Forest Photography.

Kristin and Justin planned a 3-day backcountry elopement at Assiniboine Lodge in British Columbia’s Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Our team is loving all the moments during this special elopement, and we think it’s the perfect inspiration for couples looking for an equally thrilling elopement experience.

“We were looking for something that suited our non-traditional styles. We both love the outdoors and the mountains, and we wanted to incorporate this into our elopement.” [Kristin and Justin]

If you prefer to skip the information, then jump straight to the photos of this British Columbia Elopement at Mt. Assiniboine.

elopement at Canadian Rockies

Elopement Adventure Details

This couple took a helicopter to the base of the lodge, originally built-in 1928. There, the two got ready and hiked to a picturesque viewpoint overlooking Mt. Assiniboine, Sunburst Peak, and Cerulean lake.

There was no one around as the two experienced their first look on their wedding day. How amazing is that?

“The helicopter ride into Assiniboine Provincial Park was Kristin’s first time ever in a helicopter, and it was so fun to be there with her! As adventure elopement photographers, we get to share incredible experiences with couples, and many of these adventures are firsts for a lot of people. Whether it be a first helicopter ride, first sunrise hike, or even first time seeing snow, it fills us with joy to help create these memories.” [Afton]

elope at BC mountain

How to elope in British Columbia

This couple planned an out of the country trip to elope. Instead of doing the paperwork in BC to have a legal ceremony, they did all their paperwork back at home and had a symbolic ceremony during their BC elopement. This is a good alternative for couples who don’t want to get overwhelmed with legal paperwork somewhere far away.

“Naturally, we put on our pseudo-officiant hat, grabbed a guide book from the lodge, and had a sweet little ceremony at the most epic of viewpoints!” [Afton]

If you are interested in eloping in BC, then here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you want to legally get married in BC, then you can purchase your BC marriage license for about $100. Make sure to bring your passports! In order to have a legal wedding ceremony in BC, you also need two witnesses. Hiring a photographer pair solves that if you’re looking for an intimate elopement, or invite two intimate members of your family to come along.
  • If you want a personalized wedding ceremony in British Columbia, then we highly recommend hiring an officiant. Marriage commissioners are a cheaper alternative, but there’s little room for ceremony personalization.

first look moment

Moments We Love About This Elopement in BC

We love how these two were able to enjoy the wedding traditions they loved while still breaking tradition by not only eloping somewhere amazing but also extending their experience to multiple days.

Kristin and Justin woke up to enjoy the sunrise, hiked together, and enjoyed their final day fishing together.

“It’s not often you get to spend three days together with a couple on their elopement, but the experiences, deep conversations, and memories we shared with them are irreplaceable. It was a refreshing reminder just how similar we all are on this great big planet, whether you’re from the USA, Canada, or beyond.” [Afton]

place to elope in British Columbia

Places to Elope in BC

If you’re considering eloping in British Columbia, Canda, then you need to keep in mind how many epic places there are to pick from in this area. We recommend teaming up with one of our awesome Wandering Weddings members specializing in the BC area. By hiring a photographer who specializes in the area, you can bounce ideas and prepare for an epic elopement.

“British Columbia is an incredibly diverse place, with everything from towering rocky mountains to lush rainforests and Pacific coastlines. Start your BC elopement planning by choosing what kind of landscape you want to experience first, then reach out to an elopement photographer from there!” [Afton] 

Here are some areas to consider:

Canadian Rockies

Kristin and Justin eloped at Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. It is also the highest peak in the Southern Continental Ranges of the glorious Canadian Rockies. Eloping in BC allows you to elope somewhere epic as these two did. There are gorgeous cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and tall snow-capped mountains to explore. Popular spots here include Banff, Jasper, and Canmore, Alberta. We love this BC location to elope because there is such a variety of views to enjoy. You can easily plan a hiking elopement like Kristin and Justin, or you can explore the dense evergreen forests together.

Great Bear Rainforest

If you’re looking for something remote and peaceful, then the Great Bear Rainforest is an awesome place to consider planning your romantic elopement in British Columbia. This protected wilderness is home to an abundance of marine life and gorgeous greenery.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

If you’re thinking about eloping near Vancouver, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is a stunning park consisting of beaches, trails, and islands. If you’re looking for a place to elope that can easily become a honeymoon destination, then this area is a great option.

eloping in BC locations for couples

Advice When Eloping in British Columbia

Afton has captured multiple elopements in BC, so we thought it would be helpful to ask for any advice for couples considering eloping in BC.

  • When packing, be prepared for all weather conditions! Even in summer, British Columbia’s weather is as wild as the landscape, so bringing multiple layers like a down jacket and a rain shell is key to staying warm during your elopement.
  • Bear spray (and knowing how to use it) is essential no matter where you are in the province!
  •  Always check multiple weather sources!

“The general weather forecast for this elopement in British Columbia was looking cloudy. However, diving deeper into the weather graphs we knew there was going to be a break in cloud coverage the first evening we were there. Using that information, we were able to pick the best time for their hiking elopement of the three days at Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. Sure enough, we had the most unreal sun rays break through the clouds mid-elopement that you can see in the photos!” [Afton]

backcountry lodge elopement in BC

Other Vendors Involved

Hair | Botega Hair Salon

Florals | Willow Flower Co.

Accommodation | Assiniboine Lodge

Helicopter Service | Alpine Helicopters

Photos of This British Columbia Elopement at Mt Assiniboine


Thank you, Afton for sharing this awesome British Columbia elopement hike with our team and congrats to Kristin and Justin.

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