The best British Colombia elopement videographers specializing in adventure elopements and intimate weddings.

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Me? Just a hopeless romantic that’s fallen head over heels for the personal, for authentic stories with heart.

Finding any excuse to follow a love story, and never without my camera close by, I’m a filmmaker hooked on documenting the magical, treasure-always moments.

The joy, the close connection, the looks of devotion, those intimate interactions between two people are my chosen subject matter. What can I say? I’m caught up in love stories, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be. For me, there’s nothing that comes close to the classic art of film in preserving life’s big, Hollywood storylines.

Your story, the film of your day, should be just that – all yours. Intimately and unmistakably yours. Let’s have your moment-by-moment narrative play out just as it should – naturally, wildly, romantically, purely. Every frame should speak to your two wild hearts; every second of film should feel like a tailored suit or made-to-measure bridal gown, created for you and only you. I can’t wait to meet you!

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