Breezy Hawaiian Island Elopement in Waipi’o Valley, Big Island

waipio valley big island hawaii elopement adventure wedding Photographer: Sarah Gehman Photography

Session: Elopement

Location: Waipi’o Valley, Big Island, Hawaii

From the Photographer:

“Lana and Felix’s intimate elopement in Waipi’o Valley was a cocktail of love, tears, and loads of joy. These two love birds are from Sweden and have been together for over ten years [and] it was finally their moment to tie the knot. Waipi’o Valley was the perfect location for these two carefree spirits.”

“Lana and Felix wrote their own vows to each other, and it was a powerful moment to behold. They were speaking in Swedish – which I definitely don’t understand – but it was a moment where I realized how love really does cross all boundaries, cultures, and languages. I could feel their love for each other and the seriousness of the commitments they were making.”

[Sarah Gehman, Photographer]

“They technically only booked my services for one hour, but we ended up completely losing track of time because of how much fun we were all having. These are the moments that I have to pinch myself as a photographer…”

[Sarah Gehman]

“Lana and Felix were a photographer’s DREAM to work with, because they got lost in the prompts and poses I directed them into. They were truly present with each other, making their photos SO natural and romantic!”

[Sarah Gehman]

“To all couples getting married, whether you are eloping on a beach, getting married [at] a vineyard, or having a ballroom-sized wedding, this advice is for you: On your wedding day, please be present. Trust your photographer and how they direct you… Remember why you’re marrying your soon-to-be spouse and let yourself feel that during your portraits. The emotions will show through in all of your photos and your photos will be better because of it.”

[Sarah Gehman]


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