5 Tips When Planning Your Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding Adventure, UT

5 Tips When Planning Your Bonneville Salt Flats Wedding Adventure, UT

We love Bonneville Salt Flats wedding adventures because the limit literally does not exist as to how many different ways you can dress up your elopement. This disco ball styled session is the perfect inspiration for a unique elopement style. Here are 5 tips you want to keep in mind when planning your elopement here.

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Pick Sunrise or Sunset For The Best Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to eloping at Salt Flats. Both sunset and sunrise are highly recommended for the best photo opportunities. Bonneville Salt Flat weddings are pretty magical either time of the day you decide, so think about how you want your overall wedding day to look.

If you want a sunrise elopement, then you’ll probably have to wake up way before the sun even rises (think 4 AM), and you’ll probably see no one during your adventure. Sunset will offer you a tad less privacy but aim to elope during the weekday to ensure ultimate privacy.

There are a ton of amazing elopement locations in Utah. Check out our favorite places to elope in UT.

Obtain Your Permit

Bonneville Salt Flats require a permit since it’s considered BLM land. This permit is required if you’re planning an elopement, micro wedding, post elopement adventure, or engagement session here. It’s important to check the BLM land permit website to stay up to date with the latest changes per location. If your elopement vendors or yourself aren’t 100% sure what the specific regulations are for your destination, then you can always call to make sure you cover all your bases.

Bonneville Salt Flat Weddings Are Usually Always Private and Intimate

If you’re looking for somewhere remote, intimate, and private, then a Salt Flats elopement is probably a great option if you’re looking for somewhere to elope in Utah.

“The area is so vast that you can drive out to a spot to get privacy and really feel like you’re the only ones out there. The fact that the land is super flat and easily accessible gives you the freedom to get really creative with your elopement details! You can set up a beautiful arbor or even an elaborate table setup.” [Sierra, the photographer]

Don’t Be Afraid To Put Your Personality Into Your Elopement

A Bonneville Salt Flat wedding is the perfect option for couples who want something completely untraditional. This disco ball elopement inspiration is the perfect example! You can get as creative as you want with your elopement day, but please remember to pick up after yourself and leave no trace behind.

“I love that this styled elopement had a lot of fun and edgy details! The leather with hand-written custom calligraphy, the disco balls, and their poses all made for great inspiration. This styled elopement was lighthearted and fun, and it’s an awesome reminder that you can make your elopement unique to you and have fun with it!” [Sierra, the photographer]

Don’t Forget to Consider The Weather

You’re probably thinking, ‘ok, I want to elope at Utah’s Salt Flats, but when is the best time to plan my Bonneville wedding?’ When planning, you don’t want to forget the weather. Utah has both a wet season and a dry season. Both are gorgeous, but it’s important to be prepared for either one you’re planning. During the summer and fall, the salt flats are usually dry, but some flooding can happen the rest of the year.

Another thing you want to be prepared for is wind! Wind can be perfect for couples who want a really natural look, especially for brides who are opting to wear a flowy elopement dress. Whenever you decide to elope, remember to plan ahead and talk to your photographer to get some insider tips on what you should bring with you.

“If it rains (usually in the winter months), the flats can have an inch or two of water on them! It can definitely change some of your plans, but makes for incredibly dramatic photos!” [Sierra, the photographer]

Are you Ready to Elope at Bonneville?

When you plan to elope or have a micro wedding, remember there are no strict rules you need to follow for your wedding timeline.

“Eloping gives you the time and privacy to really soak in your big day with your partner. It gives you the freedom to make decisions for yourself and not for others. If you’re on the fence about an elopement because you’ll miss the celebration with loved ones, you can choose to elope and have a wedding or reception at a later date. There are so many variations of eloping that can work for anyone, so don’t be afraid to get creative to make a plan that works for you and whoever you want to include!” [Sierra, the photographer]

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