Waterfall Proposal In Chagrin Falls Ohio | Courtney & Daniel

Daniel and Courtney are getting hitched! I had sooo much fun shooting this proposal a few weeks ago with Daniel and Courtney. A little back story, I’ve known Daniel’s sister for awhile. We used to play music together. So she texted me like a day before the proposal and somehow it worked out! I was super pumped because I don’t get to do a lot of these but they’re so much fun because all the love and emotion is busting at the seams. Daniel’s proposal was so sweet and very romantic and of course, Courtney SAID YES!! So it was at this point that I had to introduce myself in person to both and we hiked down the side of the falls and headed out on the rocks, heels and all. Even though I only spent a few moments with the two of them, you could tell how deeply passionate they are for one another. So full of raw, authentic love. I wish I could’ve spent hours with them, but I do have these few snapshots to share with you all! Congrats Daniel and Courtney!

Story and Photography by David Swidrak Photography


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