st george bermuda elopement destination wedding

Photographer: Jenna Lee Photo

Session: Intimate Destination Wedding

Location: St. George, Bermuda

From the Photographer:

“Jenn and Mike are both Broadway stars! They met performing in ‘Aladdin’ and the rest was history. They knew they wanted to elope with just their closest friends and family. They got ready at the Grotto Bay Resort in Bermuda, did their first look down by the water, and then we headed over to downtown St. George to photograph some portraits before the wedding with the historic buildings and colors. Their ceremony was performed by their best friend in the Unfinished Church, and it was so casual and beautiful. They had each family member stand up and say something. Afterwards we walked down to Tobacco Bay for golden hour and got some incredible shots of her Rue De Seine gown in the sunlight and wind.”


“We were originally planning a ‘small’ wedding in the Hamptons, and it was quickly turning into a huge production that had us up at night stressing over the guest list… Not to mention [that] with just some bare bones planning, we were already looking at $20k. We looked at each other and said, ‘What are we doing?! Are we doing this for us or everyone else?’ That’s when we switched gears and started focusing on what we wanted out of the day. It was the best decision we ever made.”

[Jenn, The Bride]


“We wanted somewhere our parents and families could fly to that wouldn’t take a whole day of travel. Bermuda was perfect for us, because it gave the full Caribbean feel without having to travel too far. Also, we wanted it to feel like ancient ruins or a castle and the Unfinished Church was a dream and everything we could’ve ever hoped for! We were transported to another world, and it was only a 2.5 hour flight for us from NYC!”



“Absolute best moment of the experience was saying ‘I do’ in the most gorgeous location ever imaginable, surrounded by the absolute closest people and family to us. There were no plus ones of people we’d never met or anyone we felt obligated to invite. [The people] supporting us that day were the closest people in the world to us – our beautiful families. At the end of the ceremony, we did a huge group hug and just jumped up and down and cried and laughed. We all knew how special that moment was and that we’d never forget it.”



“Keep checking in with your person. If things feel like they’re getting out of hand, too extravagant or not what you originally envisioned, get back on track together. When that would happen for us we would look into each other’s eyes and remember what we were doing this all for: the love that brought us together and the connection we wanted to celebrate. It always made it super clear for us and kept us focused on the things that really mattered to us!”



Bridal Designer | Rue De Seine

Thank you to Jenna Lee Solich for sharing this session, and congratulations to Jenn + Mike!

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