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“The inspiration behind this day was one of involving our love for nature, wildlife, and above all, our love for one another…”

This adventurous couple said “I do” at Crater Lake National Park, a venue that truly captured their souls . “For our special day, we wanted to exchange our vows in a private setting that was filled with only what nature could offer,” the bride explains. “Will and I knew from the beginning of our engagement that we didn’t want traditional… but instead something more unique [and] memorable…” With the help of the Lunalee Photography team, they scouted locations that would create the perfect backdrop for their nuptials. “National parks are amazing,” photographer Christyln Lee says. “[but] when it comes to eloping [at] one, it’s all about adding the human element.”

After a romantic first look, Meg and Will exchanged heartfelt vows surrounded by the most incredible views. “They ended the day by popping some champagne and watching the last light of the day set behind the lake,” Christlyn recalls. “It was such a magical experience with two of the sweetest human beings ever.”

Photography by Lunalee Photography


“We decided on eloping because honestly it was just more our speed – more ‘us’ for several reasons. We are a very intimate couple and appreciate the beauty behind simplicity, nature, and experiencing one of a kind moments together. For our special day we wanted to exchange our vows in a private setting that was filled with only what nature could offer. My husband, Will, and I knew from the beginning of our engagement that we didn’t want traditional… but instead something more unique, memorable, and just fun… To us the point of marriage isn’t about the largest wedding or spending thousands of dollars… it is about love and cherishing the one you’re with. We wanted to be able to look back on our day and remember every detail we could without the stressors that come with a traditional wedding.”

[Meg, the bride]


“[Planning] wasn’t too bad honestly… we really didn’t start planning until maybe six months before the actual elopement date – which was honestly hard for me, because I’m a planner by nature… Will and myself have a love and passion for the outdoors but specifically the national parks and Oregon. Our original thought was to elope in Portland, Maine… after seeing images of Crater Lake National Park, [however], and speaking with our photographers, Eric and Christlyn at Lunalee, we knew that we had found our location back in Oregon… I’d definitely recommend making it official in your home state or wherever you’re currently living, just to make things easier on you both. This way you know it’s official, and it’s less of a headache to take care of while you’re currently in the eloping mindset.”



My personal favorite parts of this whole experience were our unique, original moments that we were able to create through this entire process. Not everyone can or will elope, and not everyone will choose a National Park, but we did, and though it is a tourist attraction, no one was present but us and our amazing photographers during our first look, our vow exchange, or even our celebratory popping of the champagne bottle. The entire day was my favorite day and part of our love-filled journey.”



“[Eloping is] an amazing experience that you can truly make your own. We loved every minute of our elopement, even the unplanned moments… try not to stress over the small things. If you decide to elope somewhere abroad, then definitely make sure you plan out the basics – travel, stay, attire – and make sure to pack accordingly… Truly the most important part in an elopement, or a wedding even, isn’t the party or anything that’s asking for attention but instead the memories and love that is shared between the two parties. If you elope, make sure you do something and go somewhere that is unique to the both of you… a place that speaks to your souls… That is exactly what we wanted for our day, and we knew right away that our happiness meant more to us than following tradition and creating unwanted stress.”



Bridal Designer | Sally Eagle

Thank you to Christlyn Lee for sharing this session, and congratulations to Meg + Will!

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