Sunrise Elopement Inspiration at Zion National Park | Kassidy & Scott

We woke up at 3:30 am and, after HMU and a yogurt parfait, we all climbed into my car and headed East, towards the canyon. The road urged us along, like a leaf on a river, between the red rock cathedral cliffs. Past the sleeping campers in their tents. Up the zig zagging grey asphalt ribbon that took us steeply upward. Through the tunnel cut deep into the canyon wall. Emerging into the pinky grey haze of morning.

We parked and crossed the road, following the sandy path that hugged the rocks, up some more. A few words exchanged about how quiet it was – it felt like we were the only people in the park – but mostly just a little heavy breathing due to our swiftly ascending route. It was too perfect a silence to ruin. Upon arriving to our perch, we all broke into smiles and wide-eyed-wonder at the site before us. Zion lay in all its splendour, a black and white sketch slowly filling in with color from the pre-dawn light.

Tennis shoes were exchanged for dress shoes. Wisps of hair tucked behind ears. And then we met the morning with a little love story and hearts full of joy

Story and Photography by Trek and Bloom


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