Styled Day Of The Dead Elopement at Big Bear Lake in California

My husband and I were camping up in the wilderness of Big Bear Mountain back in August when we came across an area on the mountain that had been completely burned by a recent wildfire. The trees were all black as night and their branches were completely exposed, and as we got out of the car to explore, we got a silencing, eerie feeling walking around in the trees. My thought was, “How cool would it be if we actually did a shoot here?!” And so, we did. And we ran with it!

We brought masks, color smoke bombs, and AWESOME florals from Penelope Pots Floral Design. With the dark blooms with pops of white, it was perfectly contrasting our beautiful couple.

The Knights are a couple that we’ve been friends with since college, and they are such a fun pair! I knew I wanted them to join us in this shoot as soon as I thought of it, and I’m so happy they did. Not only were they loving on each other the entire time and just making beautiful photos, but they were also down to wear masks and sit through color smoke bombs. Needless to say, it looked so epic and eerie that, honestly, we were all getting a little spooked by the end of the shoot!

You have to image: being miles away from any town, in the middle of a burned forest, with two people wearing skeleton masks, at twilight, and while setting off smoke bombs. We were definitely ready for Halloween after this shoot, and I’m so excited to share them with you in the spirit of the season! 🙂

Story and Photography by Dani Purington Photography

Photography Dani Purington Photography // Florals Penelope Pots Floral Design


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