Spanish Country House Wedding in Córdoba Spain | Mariam & Carlos

Mariam and Carlos were preparing their intimate wedding with a lot of comings and goings from Madrid to Córdoba, where the beautiful country house, belonging to Carlos’s family, was located and also where they decided to celebrate their wedding. To them, this was the perfect place because it brings them so many memories.Carlos used to spend every summer there during his childhood.

We still remember the first time we visited the country house, it was like a postcard with fallen leaves, humidity, and cold weather and we loved it even more.

The previous hours to the wedding were full of feelings. They decided to get dressed at the same place so it was very special. While Carlos was with his sister and parents, Mariam was with her sister and her father who just arrived from Cuba.

It was a fun wedding full of laughter, tears and unique moments. The romantic atmosphere during the celebration gave way to some different dances which caught their guests by surprise.

Story and Photography by Sunny September


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