Snowy Engagement Session in Butte Meadows, California | Staci & Anthony

Let me start of by saying that if you don’t like laughing, smiling, and happy couples, you might want to just click past this post.

As we drove into the snowy woods for their session, I had no idea Staci would be stepping out of the car in 3in heels, Anthony in his suit. I also had no idea how much they would rock their session. Unhindered by what I would say would be atypical attire for a snowy woods session, they simply had, for lack of a better word, a blast. The amount of fun they have with one another was apparent from the start, didn’t stop when we ended, and I know for a fact continues on today and for always. I was taken aback by it and intrigued by it all at the same time. As we wandered through the woods, discovering killer light, creeks, and a cabin, they made it easy on me, forgetting the camera and just hanging out.

Their love and joy for one another is simply addicting. I didn’t want to stop shooting nor did I want to stop hanging out.

Story and Photography by Matthew Lim Photography


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